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8 Things to Have at Home But are Often Overlooked

There’s something about shopping for things to put in a place you call home, and it is more fulfilling than any other thing you could ever buy.


We tend to spend money left and right, whenever possible. Some of it is to buy things we need, and other times it’s for things we have no use for, but really wants. Of all those random purchases, the ones you make for your home are definitely the most special. There’s just something about shopping for things to put in a place you call home, and it is more fulfilling than any other thing you could ever buy. While most people buy the usual things from closets and machines to coat hangers and bookshelves, there are a few things that are overlooked, but you should definitely have in your place.

1. Spoon saver

If you are good at it, cooking can be quite fun. It’s extremely relaxing as it is rewarding to stand up and make a meal for yourself, yet there are a million things that could go wrong in the kitchen. One of the most annoying—albeit small—problems that a lot of people encounter is when spoons fall into cooking pots. There you are, stirring for a moment, and the second you turn your back on the pot, you find that your spoon decided to take a plunge into your meal, forcing you to get another to remove it. Yes, it might seem trivial now, but when it does happen, it’s quite a nuisance. This is why the spoon saver was invented, beautifully designed to protect your utensils from falling into any pots.

2. Robot mops

Yes, that is a real product and not something out of a futuristic sci-fi film. Cleaning might just be the most annoying part of owning a home, especially if you have to do it after a long day’s work or when you are exhausted. These robot mops save you a lot of trouble, and they’re great products to have at home. A robot mop simply goes about mopping and cleaning your floors without you having to do anything. That way, you could enjoy some quiet time watching TV or even napping if you want.

3. Magnetic nail wristband

As you start living in a place of your own, you’ll start noticing things malfunctioning, sooner or later, and you will need to do some repairs at some point. One problem a lot of people face when doing those repairs is trying to grab screws and nails when fixing a leaking attic or install something high over the ground. They are small and slippery, so they tend to fall around. This magnetic bracelet helps you hold those small bolts and nails as you finish the job, saving you a lot of time and effort looking for any you might have dropped while working.

4. Grooming storage solutions

Ever tried to put a bar of soap on the sink, only to have it fly over God knows where in the bathroom? These occurrences can be quite annoying, and they’re easily avoidable if you know how to make storage space out of your bathroom so things wouldn’t fly off or go missing. You need to get your hands on soap and razor holders, removable hooks for your clothes, and other products to carry your belongings in the bathroom. With technologies of today, some of these accessories are made out of super-grip silicone so you don’t have to use nails in the bathroom, as they easily stick to mirrors, walls, or even tile. And they are also very easily removed with no damage to those surfaces.

5. LED wall mirror with speakers

This is one of the coolest inventions you can get, and it is something that will make the place look a lot more elegant than it already is. This LED wall mirror is as classy as it is functional, and it adds a fresh vibe to your bathroom with its bright light. It gets even better; the mirror is equipped with Bluetooth speakers so you can play music while shaving or just doing your hair after a morning shower.

6. Bio-fireplace

It is pretty hard, or rather next to impossible, to find modern homes in this day and age that come with a fireplace. They look very elegant and are a beautiful addition to any place really, but they’re just not available any longer. A bio-fireplace is a great replacement though, and it’s one of the most popular electric options on the market that a lot of people are buying now. It is even eco-friendly as it uses ethanol, which isn’t as bad for the environment as a traditional fireplace. This one naturally doesn’t require a chimney, so it’s definitely a portable and easily installed option to have around your home, providing warmth and elegance.

7. Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

These are unlike any other products you have ever seen. At first glance, a wake-up light alarm clock seems like an average alarm clock, but it is so much more. It simulates the sunrise in the room, creating a beautiful ambiance for you to wake up to, even if it’s raining outside and there’s no sun. It is definitely perfect for that time of year when you long for some morning rays, and with this product, you could have them inside your own bedroom.

8. Quick Shelf Safe with RFID

Worried about your valuables at home? This cool-looking shelf uses RFID technology to turn into a safe, so you can hide your precious belongings inside without anyone knowing they are even there. The great thing about this protective safe is the fact that it cannot be hacked, so not only is it hidden in plain sight, but it’s also impenetrable should anyone ever find out it’s there and has valuables in it.

There’s a ton of things that you could purchase for your home, but you need to do a little digging to find those rare gems that no one will tell you about. Everybody has a washing machine and a microwave, but not many would have a shelf that could turn into a safe at your bidding. And that is definitely the kind of technology you need around your place.



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