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Here are 8 Internet Hacks that actually Work or Fail!

There are more than a few Internet hacks that totally fail, but there are some that work too!


The Internet is full of life or home hacks, but do these actually work? Here are some Internet hacks that were put to the test - some actually did work and some failed dismally.

One Internet hack that everyone thought would be a life saver, especially those that tend to forget that they are ironing, is to use cornflour to remove burn or iron singe marks.

Anyone who has burnt clothes knows that it is impossible to remove the burn marks and it was very interested when it was thought that cornflour could remove burn marks.

The process was very simple; use a spray bottle of clean water to wet the area and then sprinkle cornflour over the top of this. Leave for 15 minutes and then remove with a soft scrubbing brush.

As you can see, this test was a complete fail. While the cornflour slightly removed some of the singe, it wasn't really worth the effort.





This one I found a bit doubtful, and I still believe that it depends what ingredients are in the antiseptic spray. The spray used for this test contains Benzalkonium chloride, an ingredient also found in laundry detergents and treatments.



So, while this test actually worked, it won't work for every different type of antiseptic solution or spray. If you need to remove permanent marker from a surface, use the permanent marker itself to wipe off.


I was surprised that this particular test worked, and it was actually quite easy to remove highlighter with lemon juice.

Use a fresh lemon or concentrated lemon juice and a cotton bud and lightly wipe over the highlighter you want to remove.

The acid in lemon juice easily removes the highlighter.

Again, not something that will work every single time since not all highlighters are made the same, but worth a try if you have an emergency.



This next Internet hack has worked for me for several blocked drains. I also like to use this method on a regular basis to keep drains clean and free from blockages.

Use a soft, plastic bottle (still bottles are great) and pour two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda in the bottle. Pour in white spirit vinegar.

Quickly tip the bottle over and place over the drain, squeezing the contents into the drain.



This is another life hack that I use on a regular basis for those clothes that easily pill on the surface.

Before you toss out your own disposable razors, lightly run them over fabric pills to remove the fluff.

I'm sure a lot of you have seen this life hack where hanging your clothes in the bathroom after a shower removes wrinkles.

The idea is that you hang your clothes in a steamy bathroom and leave them for a while.

Don't expect miracles! It didn't work after 15 minutes and it's much faster just to grab your iron and use that to remove wrinkles.


Another life hack that I have used often is to thread a needle.

Place the thread on the palm of your hand and rub the needle over the top of this.

Bear in mind it won't happen every single time, but eventually the thread will go through the hole.


Love this life hack and it has definitely made my life easier.

Place a teaspoon over your eyelid and apply dark eye shadow along the top edge.



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