The Importance of Home Security and Protection Against Fire

Important reasons why you need a home security system.





A home is usually the biggest asset you own. You work hard to provide for yourself and your family. You cherish your family, and you always want to keep them safe and free from harm.

Keeping your home secure is a major concern for most homeowners. We want to keep it in the best condition possible. We work to maintain it in all weather. We're also concerned about keeping our belongings free from damage and theft.

There are many resources available online full of information about alarm monitoring services to protect your home, home security systems and other ways to keep you and your family safe. There are also many different companies that offer a wide array of electronic security systems and other burglarproof products and services.




Here are a few important reasons why you need a home security system:



1. Peace of mind

If you live in a large city or an area where property crimes are becoming more prevalent, owning a home security system lets you put your worries to rest. Most security systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you're not at home, a representative from the security company will usually contact you and/or contact the local authorities. A good security system is also a good deterrent for burglars. Most burglars look for open opportunities to steal. When they see that your home is protected, they are less likely to break in, especially if your system has motion detectors or cameras. It's just not worth the trouble.



2. It's good fire protection

A good security system can also monitor nearby fires or even unexpected increases in your home's temperature. With the increased occurence of veld and forest fires and the absolute necessity to have a fireproof wood treatment on timber homes, in such situations, the monitoring company can alert the local fire department to put out a fire or prevent a possible fire from happening. You can't always be at home, so it's good to know the company whose security system you're using protects your property from harm.



3. You can monitor your electricity use

If you left a light on before leaving the house, you can find that out by checking the live feed from your home security system. Some systems, even allow you to turn lights off or on automatically or at timed intervals. This gives you greater control over your appliances and in some cases can even help lower your monthly electric bill.



4. Carbon monoxide is detected

Emitted from wood-burning stoves and other sources of heat, carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can be quite poisonous over time. Monitoring systems can be programmed to set off an alarm if too much carbon monoxide is in your home. This is especially helpful if someone is home at the time. Alerts like this can help save a life.



5. It can help lower your homeowner's insurance

Some homeowners insurance policies offer discounts to people who have installed security systems in their home. This type of insurance is designed to protect against loss or catastrophic acts, so owning a security system takes a lot of this burden away from the insurance company. The types of discounts often vary depending on the type of policy, coverage, payments and other factors. Security systems also add value to your home.



6. Emergency medical assistance

Some home security systems come with emergency pull cords or medical alert bracelets. When used, these devices can summon paramedics or other healthcare professionals to your home when emergency medical assistance is required. These types of systems are more common in homes owned by senior citizens and people with special needs. With these kinds of systems installed, there's no more need to worry over what would happen if a loved one would slip and fall, suffer a seizure or have other medical concerns.



7. It helps you keep an eye on your home

Most system cameras in the home are set up so that you can monitor them from your computer, tablet or smartphone. This feature gives you added security. You can check in at any time. It helps you keep an eye on the kids when they get home from school or the pets who are inside all day. You can even choose to turn lights off and on, turn on or change settings for your air conditioning and heating systems, turn motion detectors on and off or activate or deactivate your alarm system, all with just a few clicks. Great home protection features that you can activate no matter how far away you are from home.

These are just a few of the many good reasons to have a home security system. Features vary depending on the type of system and company. Do some research to decide what features are best for your security needs. Whatever you decide, knowing that your home is always safe and secures is a necessity for protecting the ones you love.





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