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How To Organise Your Drawers - And Keep Them That way!

Keeping your drawers organised, whether in the bedroom, kitchen or workshop, should be an easy task and we show you how.



Life happens... you get up every morning, get dressed and go to work. You come home, rush to make supper for the family. On weekends, perhaps you find a bit of time to spend in your craft/hobby room or workshop. Your life is so busy that there's very little time to keep things neat and organised, which is why you should look at putting some systems in place that will make life a little easier and keep your drawers more organised - no matter how busy life gets.










Drawer organisers for your underwear or accessories are designed to do just that... organise your drawers. You will find drawer organisers in all shapes and forms, colours and materials. Ideally, you want to purchase one that is long-lasting, so forget about cardboard or card ones. You also want something that will fit nicely into your drawers and provide the organisation you need. If everything has a place, you will know where everything goes and it will be easy to find and easy to keep organised.



The drawer organiser shown in the top image (Underwear Drawer Organiser (Set of 3)) is available from and reasonably priced at just over R200 for the set of 3. According to the description, you can use this set of organisers to corral socks, underwear and lingerie and they are manufactured of a breathable fabric with stiff supports.











A kitchen drawer organiser is one that caters to your specific requirements and makes life a little easier. Getting home from a hard day at work, the last thing you want to do is fight with whisks or spatulas. Choosing the right cutlery or utensil organiser makes all the difference. And don't just settle for the first one you find. Do a little Google Shopping online to find one that is exactly what you need.



The perfect drawer organiser should be designed to fit your cutlery or utensils in the best manner possible. It should also fit within the size of your drawers, so be sure to measure your drawers beforehand before making a purchase. Drawer organisers come in a variety of hard-wearing and even green materials, so you can choose one that fits in with the style of your kitchen and your lifestyle.











One of the worst rooms to keep organised is a craft/hobby room or workshop. Unless you are a naturally organised person, it is so easy for this room to become utter chaos as far as organisation is concerned, and you will find yourself wanting to spend less time in this space than you would if it was organised and you could find everything you needed instantly.

While you might make use of drawers in a craft/hobby room, in a workshop you should keep drawers for stationery items should as note or drawing pads, pencils and pens, etc. It's never easy to find what you need in a workshop drawer and you are better off using storage organiser boxes or wall-mounted organisation racks. Plus, there's less chance of stabbing yourself with a Stanley knife if it isn't in a drawer!


Stackable storage containers are great if you need to get a lot in a drawer, like this storage set from


Organisation in a craft or hobby room doesn't have to be expensive if you shop for what you need. Take stock of what's in your craft/hobby room, what's in your drawers and how this could be better organised. Nowadays, there are plenty of storage organisation options to be sourced locally and it's just a matter of finding what you need and then putting an organisation system in place. That way, when you find some time to have some fun crafting or doing your favourite hobby, everything you need will be at your fingertips - leaving you more time for fun!







Look for storage organisers that fulfil your specific storage needs, like this multi-purpose insert from



Colourful plastic containers make for great storage organisation in drawers.



Whatever your organisation needs are for your craft/hobby room, shop for items that meet with whatever it is you need to store. And make sure it will fit into the drawer!






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