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How To Keep Mozzies At Bay And Stay Cool Outdoors

After the first spring or summer rains, it's never long before the mozzies attack in full force and I found a great way to keep them away and stay cool at the same time.



It's always a treat when the first rains of spring or summer arrive. You hold your breath in the hope that there will be plenty of rain but not too much. But after these first rains, it isn't long before the mozzies attack whenever you are out in the garden. I have tried scented plants without any great success. I have lit up citronella candles in the hope of keeping mozzies at bay and have even slathered myself from top-to-toe in mosquito repellant. But all these don't seem to work as well as you would hope.

After an online shopping spree, I accidentally came across a new pedestal fan that could solve all my mosquito woes. The pedestal fan I have in my bedroom is great at keeping the mozzies at bay when we have a power outage and it's got a low wattage output that allows me to plug it into the UPS inverter that I invested in a year or so ago. But when I head outdoors to relax in my favourite chair, it's not long before I see mozzies hovering around looking for a bare piece of skin.







Perfect for outdoors on a patio on entertainment area, a misting fan keeps mozzies and flies at bay and instantly makes you feel cool.


wonderful engineering



I am sure there are many out there who have probably already tried the misting sprays that can be mounted around an outdoor door or attached to a patio umbrella. I have, and I can't say that it was any good. Firstly, not all the nozzles worked and someone inevitably ended up sitting underneath a dripping nozzle. And I remember one time when the nozzle popped off and I ended up getting drenched.







Someone has finally come up with the solution of combining a spray mist system into a pedestal fan that can both cool you down outdoors and keep the mozzies at bay. Fitted with a pressure pump, a water tank is filled with cold, clean water and this is pumped from the water tank and up to the fan head. The result is a fine mist of water expelled with air from the fan that cools you down instantly.


Milex XL Misting Fan available at



Fans are ideal for keeping down the temperature indoors, but they don't cool YOU down. A misting fan, on the other hand, releases a fine mist that, in conjunction with the breeze from the fan, instantly makes you feel cooler. If you invest in a better quality misting fan, these are designed for use both indoors and outdoors and release a fine mist that won't damage floors or fittings, as long as you keep them a fair distance away.








As with other types of fans, you will also experience that flies and mosquitoes won't be as much of a nuisance and will be blown away - pun intended!

With prices ranging from just over R1,000 for a basic misting fan to around R3,000 for a leading brand with plenty of features, you can choose a misting fan that will keep you cool outdoors and prevent mozzies from hovering around.






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