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10 Facts About Hot Tubs That Will Keep You Up At Night

Here is a list of incredible facts about this bathroom essential that will give you sleepless nights.


Having a hot tub at home is a dream come true for homeowners, most especially spa lovers. So if you have been anticipating owning one, but cannot seem to find enough motivation for that special purchase, you are missing out a lot.

Here is a list of incredible facts about this bathroom essential that will give you sleepless nights.

It improves your cardiovascular health

With the growing number of lifestyle and chronic diseases in the world, individuals are seeking out for more natural ways to avoid them. Recent studies indicate that immersion in water gives your body a cardiac workout out. How? When you let hot water cover you up to the neck, your body will receive some kind of pressure, which in return boosts its cardiac levels. So your heart puts in more effort to function and thus improving its health. Now imagine what will happen to you if you make this a regular habit?

It enhances the relief of pains and aches

No one wants to live with pains and aches. But sometimes due to daily life pressures and frustrations, this becomes inevitable. Soaking yourself in a hot tub will go a long way into helping your body alleviate with such. This includes muscle pulls from athletic injuries, arthritis pains and all the stress that is associated with it. All this, thanks to the great combination of the water pressure and temperature. If you did not know, heat plays a very important role in alleviating sore muscles. So typically, as your boy warms up, its internal temperature also rises, sending a good amount of oxygenated blood in the affected area.

It has therapeutic benefits for back pain

There are so many reasons that can trigger back pain. But whatever it is, it isn't a good feeling so you should try to manage it as soon as possible. So if your medications can't seem to offer you the much-needed relief, then you can always use the hot tub as an alternative. This is because as earlier on mentioned, the hot water relaxes the muscles. But that's not the only advantage. It also significantly reduces muscle spasms and promotes tissue healing by stimulating blood circulation.

It helps reduce headaches

Headaches have become part and parcel of our daily lives, especially with the pressures that life presents. So if you find yourself suffering from them frequently, then you should give yourself a spa-like treat at home. The hot water will instantly raise your internal temperature, thus dilating the vessels and boosting the transportation of blood. And with this, you will experience relief as the pressure in head decreases.

It can help with weight loss and control diabetes

If you have been trying everything to at least lose some pounds, but nothing seems to work out, then it's time you turn your attention to that hot bathtub you've been avoiding for a while. You see, according to a recent study, individuals aspiring to lose weight can soak themselves in a tub for 30 minutes at least 6 days a week for tangible results. All this is because the hot temperature stimulates your body to internally exercise through the dilution of blood vessels and the fast circulation of blood to various body organs. This leads to the rapid relaxation of muscles and skin.

Consequently, individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes benefit from this lower the blood sugar and glucose, lose weight and sleep peacefully. But this should be taken with great caution, especially for nerve damage patients. There are various top list tubs in the market for selection according to your needs. So if this feels like something you would want to add in your bathroom space, remember to go through reviews so you choose only the best. You deserve value for your money.

It relieves anxiety

Some people suffer from anxiety attacks every now and then, especially when they are worried about something. So if this feels like you, then next time, try to immerse yourself in a hot tub full of hot water. You will experience relaxation, reduced stress and thus reduced anxiety. You can repeat it as much as you want to achieve a desirable feeling.

It can help lower blood pressure

High blood pressure isn't a condition you would want to live with. So if you want something that will instantly work for you, try a hot tub immersion. This is because according to researchers, even as the hot water increases the heart rate, it also decreases the pressure. Just ensure you get an okay from your doctor before trying it out.

It acts as a sleep aid

If you have been suffering from insomnia for a while due to stress or any other factor, then you must be aware of how frustrating this can get. Other remedies might have failed, but a hot bath/soak is always promising. This is because your body generally requires a raised temperature to foster sleep, something that a hot tub can comfortably provide. Take advantage of that long soak, you deserve it! Just ensure you don't fall asleep in there.

It gives your body a thorough clean-up

When you immerse yourself in the hot tub, you're also placing your body for an intense cleanup session. You see, the hot water opens up your skin pores, thus getting rid of any blockages. This allows for easy flushing out of toxins and absorption of water. You will definitely feel cleaner and refreshed when you step out.

It boosts your self-esteem and confidence

You hadn't thought of that, right? When you soak in your bathtub, chances are that you will get out of there happier than you were before that. And if you're happy then you will feel good about yourself and be confident in the way you look and appear. So this makes an excellent bathing alternative before those big events.

From the above facts, it is evident that there is much more to what a bathtub can offer apart from the outer beauty of your bathroom area. Some of the things are the facts that you ignore every day or spend a lot of money rectifying, while the solution could be in the comfort of your home.

From good cardiac health, anxiety relieves to confidence boosting, you will love your good hot bathtub choice. Remember, you deserve it, so you ought to enjoy it!



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