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Make Natural Lavender Air Freshener

Give up on manufactured air fresheners and switch to making natural air fresheners for your home.




We recently feature an article on why lavender is ideal for beginner gardeners, and thought it might be nice to tie this in with an article on making natual lavender-scented air freshener

Why bother to waste money on expensive air fresheners when it is so easy to make homemade inexpensive air fresheners and scented sachets. In this article, we show you how easy it is to make an all-natural lavender-scented air freshener that you can place in every room in your home.

You don't necessarily have to use lavender scents for your natural air freshener, there are many other options to consider such as vanilla, rosemary, lemon and so on. See what essential oils you are able to find and this will help you to determine the scent you want to add. It is also nice to be able to add a few flowers as well, or perhaps some lemon or orange zest if you have an idea to go with citrus scents.








Small clean jar (recycling a food jar is a great idea) or small Mason jar

Lavender essential oil, or as per your choice and a few sprigs of flowers

Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)

Glass or ceramic bowl and dessert spoon

Patterned or plain scrap of fabric or paper

Piece of twine











1. Pour enough bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) into a bowl to fill your container to a height about 2 centimetres. Add about 5 to 6 drops of essential oil. For this project, we used lavender flowers and lavender oil.

2. Use a spoon to mix the ingredients and transfer into the glass container.



GOOD TO KNOW: Whatever container you use, replace the lid with a small piece of pretty or plain fabric. If using a Mason jar, replace the lid inner with a piece of paper cut to fit and poke a few holes in the fabric or paper to allow the scent to escape.







3. Embellish the jar with twine, or ribbon or your choice of embellishment.


If you want to add a wonderful scent to clothing drawers or closet shelves, make up a few muslin sachets and fill with lavender-scented bicarb. Refresh as soon as the scent starts to fade.



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