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3 of 2018's Best Home Security Innovations

Home security systems are an extra blanket of comfort that families and individuals can invest in.


According to locksmith finder and review site, in the United States, a home is burglarized every 18 seconds, adding up to 4,800 break-ins a single day. As these numbers continue to rise, it is important to stay protected and keep your family safe.

A house cannot truly be a home if you don’t feel safe there. Home security systems are an extra blanket of comfort that families and individuals can invest in. Over the years, these systems have become incredibly more advanced with the development of technology.

Because technology is not always predictable, it can sometimes fail or be difficult to install. By handling these situations with a locksmith Lake Worth residents can have someone come out to help with installation or unlock the door in case there’s a malfunction.





After a study done at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte found that almost 60% of convicted burglars admitted to choosing a different house at the sight of a security system, it is recommended you get one. These are the three best innovations for home security that came out in 2018.

1. Improved Video Quality

An important feature of security systems that has come a long way is the use of video. Instead of the basic alarm system being set off and giving the burglar a chance to get away unseen, video allows a homeowner to get footage of their identity.

This aids in the process of finding the thief, pressing charges and getting the stolen items back if possible. As much as it helps to have this video, when it was first introduced it was blurry and low quality. Why couldn’t it look as clear as television does?

In 2018, new technology allowed the introduction of 4K resolution to more than just flat screen TVs. This will greatly improve the image a homeowner can view on the footage from the camera or from their phone. The clearer the picture, the better chance you have of finding the culprit and bringing them to justice so that they don’t strike again.

2. Two-Way Communication

Being able to speak with someone on the home-side of your security system through your phone is a very new innovation. With new technology, wireless cameras allow a property owner to remotely speak to someone in the home through the camera.

If the sensors detect movement, it will send a notification to your phone so you can view who it is. If a burglar knows they are being videotaped and hears your voice speaking to them, chances are they will be scared away. It provides a safe and time efficient way for thieves to know they are caught and for you to know that your belongings are safe, even when you’re not at home. This new two-way communication system can also notify you if a package has arrived and help you avoid answering solicitors at the door.

3. Better Child Safety

With both parents going to work becoming a more common factor in the lives of many children, it is important that these parents can be aware of when the child gets home from school or any other place.

In 2018, you will now have access to features that allow you to keep your kids locked safely in the house without the ability for them to leave and to check videos from anywhere to ensure an eye is kept on them even when you are not home. This is crucial in not only safety but also in comfort knowing that your family is ok.

With the unfortunate risk of danger or burglary on the rise, it is important to take the steps to ensure it does not happen to you. With these new innovations, companies are continuing to produce top of the line home security systems with the newest technology every year. Make sure to keep up to date with new updates to be positive your home can be the safest place possible for you and your family.



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