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Life hacks that make everyday living easier

These days we are all pushed for time, and a few life hacks go a long way towards making everyday living easier.

Don't toss out old socks - use them as wipes for dry mops. That way you can save money on expensive mop replacement pads.

Re-purpose can tabs to free up space in your closet. Simply pop a can tab over the hook on the hanger and voila... room to double up hangers.





Showers are small enough and generally lack a place to store items, so here's how you can add storage to a shower rail by using curtain clips or handy storage pockets. If you don't have a shower curtain you can use an extendable rod (usually available at Builders stores) to fit this to your shower.

Bulldog clips are perfect for tidying up cords and cables. Secure the clips to a desk edge and thread through the cables.

Keep your closet or linen cupboard organised simply by slipping bed linen, duvets and sheets inside a matching pillowcase. That way you can easily find what you are looking for.

Storage under the sink can soon become a disorganised mess. You can tidy up and organise this space using a chrome or PVC rod and brackets to hang spray bottles, or to use curtain brackets to mount rods for refuse bags.

Another area that soon becomes disorganised is your makeup drawer. But you can quite easily organise this using ice cube trays (above) or small baskets (below).

Stop screws from coming loose by applying a layer of clear nail polish to the screw. The nail polish helps keep screws securely fastened in place.

A scrap piece of wood, glue on some pegs, and you have an instant way to store your scarves.

Take the ache out of drying your hair by re-purposing a flexible lamp into a hairdryer holder. Use epoxy adhesive to secure the lamp base onto a mirror or wall.

Warm up your home by adding backing to curtains, or if you work nightshift, you can make your own block out curtains. Use velcro tape to attach a layer of fabric to the back of existing curtains.

Baskets are perfect for coralling clutter, especially in a bathroom. Fasten them to cabinet sides, walls or even the back of a door.

If your kiddies struggle to reach the tap, cut a hole in the underside of an empty plastic bottle and fit this over the tap. This will re-direct the water and make it easier for washing hands.

Put PVC offcuts to good use for storing your hair tools and accessories. The pipes can be glued onto cabinet doors using 5-minute epoxy glue.

Don't waste your time using a lint roller to remove pet hair from furniture. It's far easier to pop on a pair of rubber gloves to make large clumps that can be sucked up with a vacuum cleaner.

Recycle plastic milk containers into watering cans (bottles). This is a fun way for the kids to get involved in gardening too!

Use velcro strips to organise toys and games. Glue one part of the velcro to a Playstation remote and the other to the side of a cabinet.

Store more shoes simply by organising them back to front. By placing shoes in the opposite direction you can easily fit a single pair of shoes into a small space.

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