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3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Smelling Great

3 effective and easy ways you can keep your home smelling fantastic.


The best and easiest way you can ensure your home stays smelling fresh is by simply kicking your doors and windows open and letting in some fresh air. Not only does this fresh air help whisk away lingering smells and stale air, but it has also got its own fresh and clean scent that's usually very lovely. Sadly, though, leaving both your doors and windows open will sometimes not be an attractive or viable option. Say for instance you happen to be living in a place with below zero degrees weather and the like.

The sense of smell humans have is connected to their emotions and that in itself is already extremely powerful. Smells have the capability of eliciting emotional responses, for instance, things such as being angry, anxious, irritable, calm, relaxed and happy. Furthermore, the way a house smells is most times an indicator of how clean that living space really is.

Stale smells will often tend to mean something totally different as compared to gentle, fresh smells or that home cooking welcoming smell. Anyway, hereinbelow are 3 effective and easy ways you can keep your home smelling fantastic. And, not only are these ways going to make your home so much more welcoming, but they'll also help show that you have a home that's well taken care of as well.

1. Essential Oils

The use of essential oils to help expel bad odors from a home is something that has become increasingly popular in the past few years or so. They can be used in very many ways to help both invigorate as well as deodorize a space.

Essential oil diffusers are the most common way people utilize these oils in their homes. They folks at have come up with a great piece on how to use ultrasonic diffusers. This tutorial will teach you how to use one and it becomes like second nature once you've gotten the hang of it. With it, all it needs is to be filled up with water and then to that the addition of a couple of drops of the essential oil of your choice. Once you've been through with this, all it needs next is now to be turned on. The air diffuser creates fine mists that carry the scent of the oils throughout the entire home. These air diffusers are also commonly referred to as Nebulizers as well.

If a quick essential oil fix is what you want, then all you need to do here is grabbing a small bowl, place a cotton ball and then about five to ten drops of your scent of choice onto the ball. Place this bowl in the room you would like to be infused with that wonderful smell and it'll slowly begin to engulf the entire space and the air within it. Furnace filters are also another great way you can make use of such oils. Place a couple of drops on the furnace filter every time you switch it out, which should be about three months or so.

2. The StoveTop Simmer

If you want your house to start smelling good in no time, then you might want to consider using this technique. Simply take your slow cooker or saucepan, fill it halfway through with water and then toss in a blend of your favourite great smelling components including spices, fruits and hearty herbs. A quick measuring tip, the ratio of ingredients to water should be 1:3, however, this can be scaled down or up depending on how big your vessel is. When you're using the saucepan, allow for your water to boil before reducing it to your lowest heat setting to simmer. Keep your lid slightly off and add water gradually. Also, keep in mind that you do need to watch the pot, so ensure you're doing this when you do not have any plans to leave your house.

When it comes to using the slow cooker you don't have to do any monitoring as such. Water can be added continuously as it slowly evaporates and can simply be turned off when the water inside it is running low. Some of the most common combinations usually include:

- Vanilla extract, cloves, cinnamon sticks, star anise and sliced orange slices

- Vanilla extract, lemon slices and rosemary sprigs

- Cranberries (fresh or frozen), cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg and orange slices

- Cinnamon sticks and cranberries

Most people like this method because it gives one some creative freedom. It's inexpensive and is fairly non-committal. The fact that you don't have to purchase essential oils is what makes it so approachable.

3. Vanilla Extracts

Okay, is there anyone that doesn't like how vanilla smells really? We're sure it must be very, very few of you. For now, we'll just assume you're part of the vanilla gang that loves that particular scent. Imagine being hit by a whiff of that beautiful smell every time you walk into a room in your home that has that scent. It so happens to be a perfectly natural fridge deodorizer as well.

Bad smells in the kitchen most of the time come from the fridge. A few of the sources are the foodstuffs themselves as well as the plastics found inside the fridge. If you want to deodorize your room or fridge using this method, dip a paper towel in some vanilla extract and then use it to wipe down all the surfaces of the room or fridge. This will help effectively neutralize any bad smell.

Okay, you might be thinking that vanilla extract will stain your surfaces since it has a brown color, but it won't so don't worry too much. If you're not entirely sold on the wipe down technique, you can then get a small bowl, place a few cotton balls in it that have been laced with a couple of drops of the extract and then place that bowl in the room of your choice.

All in all, arguably the most effective way of fighting bad smells in your home is to strike them while still at the source. You need to get to them before they've gotten a chance to spread and engulf the whole space. As much as how obvious this piece of information seems, allowing things to linger, such as the likes of spills, dirty dishes and old, stale food in your fridge will only help to exacerbate the whole issue. Try as much as you can to stay on top of things when it comes to cleanliness is basically what we're saying here. That's not too hard to do, is it?



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