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A cost-effective way to keep cool

It's hot enough at the moment that you don't really have to heat up the oven to do any cooking, all you have to do is leave it in the car. This doesn't bode well for anybody at home, and there's nothing more uncomfortable than roasting while you go about your daily business, if you feel like doing much of anything at all to begin with.


Right now, the cheapest portable air conditioning unit on the market is the GMPC10, which costs R3990 and cools rooms that are up to 25 square meters in size. Unlike a traditional window unit, this sort of air conditioner can be rolled around and placed anywhere. It works similarly to the original sort, though, as it pulls hot air in and its exhaust is vented through a hose which is attached to a window slider and pumped outside. It'll keep you cool while the world outside your home is baking in this incredible South African heat wave.





The manufacturer makes window attachments and has solutions for nearly any window configuration, so if you aren't sure whether or not you can actually attached an exhaust hose to your window, check out the FAQs on their website. The GMPC10 is manufactured by GMC Aircon, a Pretoria-based company that's been working in the air conditioning industry for over 18 years. Reviews on Google have been positive, with happy customers reporting the excellence of their product and its ease-of-use.

Benefits of the GMPC10

This unit is a 3-in-1 as it's an air conditioner, dehumidifier, and a purifying fan all at the same time. It's an efficient little thing, too, and surprisingly quiet. This is the air conditioner that won't wake you up in the middle of the night. Having a dehumidifier built-in is especially helpful during humid times, as the humidity just tends to make discomfort a lot worse. Sticky heat is terrible, and pulling that extra moisture out of the air along with cooling everything down really helps.

Technical specifications

• Capacity: 2800W
• 10 000 BTU
• Current: 4.3A
• Input power: 950W
• Max Current: 5.8A
• Max input power: 1170W
• Airflow volume: 350m3/h
• Rated volt: 220-240V~
• Rated frequency: 50Hz
• LRA of compressor: 15A
• Noise: 53dB (A)
• Weight: 25kg
• Water proof protection: IPX0
• Refrigerant/charge: R410A/0.42kg
• Max low pressure: 2.1MPa
• Max high pressure: 4.2MPa

Using the GMPC10 cleans impurities from the air around you to make for a much healthier breathing environment, and it can be programmed to run when it's most hot, then shut down when things start to cool down, making it especially efficient. You won't notice a surge in your electricity costs with this air conditioner.

How does it work?

Mobile air conditioning units collect moisture from the air to help cool the room, and each unit gets rid of that water differently. Some drain the water with a drainage hose, others have a water collection tank that you have to empty every so often. The GMCP10 is set up with an automatic evaporation system that exhausts the collected moisture through the hose that removes warm air from your surroundings, making for a lot less work to do and contributing to the popularity of this particular unit.

Not having that moisture coming back into the room you're trying to cool down (and dry out) is bonus.

What makes the GMCP10 so amazing?

With its high-efficiency double-condenser technology, rapid cooling, and eco-friendly refrigerant, you're dealing with a unit that's easy on both the environment and your wallet. Quietly cooling your home while purifying the air, it's also good for your health. This air conditioner can be easily moved around since it's on rolling casters, and at 10,000 BTU it's powerful for its size. The 12-hour and 24-hour timer options mean you have control over when it's running whether you're touching it or not.

In short, if you're in need of an efficient, affordable, non-intrusive cooling unit, the GMCP10 Portable is well worth the investment. Click here to find out more or you can get in touch with the GMC Aircon team, they’re always on hand to help with your heating and cooling needs. Have a great summer everyone!


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