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Give Wood Furniture Some TLC

All types of wood furniture require regular maintenance, but if you are using a multi-surface cleaner on your wooden pieces, it's time to give them some tender loving care and bring out the beauty of wood.




I might be a DIY Diva and use a lot of board products such as SupaWood and plywood for quite a lot of my projects, but deep at heart, I do love wood furniture. The natural beauty of wood is hard to beat and any piece of wood furniture can instantly add warmth and texture to a room.

The only problem with a love for wooden furniture is the price tag that usually comes with it. Solid wood furniture - and by this, I mean genuine wood and not veneered furniture - is designed to look beautiful and be handed down through generations. In other words, wood furniture will last a lifetime or two if it receives the proper care,







If you are looking to buy furniture that is solid wood, you will want to ensure it stays looking good for a long time; that means it needs the very best in wood care for cleaning and bringing out the best of the wood. It's so easy to use a multi-surface spray product to dust and clean wood, but these products are not designed to nourish and protect the wood as products designed specifically for wood will do.








Why Use Howard Feed-N-Wax For Wood?

Purely as an example of why I prefer to use Howard Feed-N-Wax for all my wood furniture, I was busy polishing this weekend and realised that it was the perfect opportunity to show you the difference when you use a multi-surface spray and Howard Feed-N-Wax. The image at the top of this page shows quite clearly how Feed-N-wax revitalizes wood and give it a beautiful shine. It's also not sticky or greasy and leaves a wonderful orange fragrance in the air.










After doing a little online window shopping to see who stocked Howard Feed-N-Wax, came out tops for both stock and price, coming in far cheaper than anyone else.




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