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Safety first when using LP Gas in your home

With winter making it's first chilly appearance on the Highveld, many homeowners are going to be rushing out to buy heaters.


While not considered an eco-friendly heating options, LP Gas is one way to affordably heat a home, especially in view of the rumour that Eskom has power outages on the cards.

Everyone should understand how to use gas safely in their homes and there are proper maintenance procedures and handling guidlines that need to be followed. Equipment that is badly fitted and poorly serviced appliances can cause the following gas safety risks:

Gas leaks
Fires and explosions
Carbon monoxide poisoning

LPG SA offers the following top tips for using gas safely in the home

- Use a registered Installer or qualified gas dealer.
- Purchase a verified and tested gas product.
- Always check the seal on a cylinder matches the brand of the cylinder.





1. Always use a registered installer, to install, repair and service your gas appliances, including your: gas geyser, gas fireplace, gas cooker or hob. On completion of the work, they will provide you with a Certificate of Conformity ensuring the job has been done according to SABS standards.

2. Always ask for the card. Registered installers all carry a SAQCCGas Registration ID card. It shows you what they look like and what gas work they are qualified to do. It also gives you a unique registration number that you can use to check they are still on the register. If you suspect an engineer is not registered and working illegally, you should report it to SAQCCGas using the 'Report' service or alternatively contact them on +27 11 886 9702.

3. Check that your engineer is competent to do the work. Not all installers are qualified to carry out all types of gas work. Make sure you check the qualifications on the back of their ID card to make sure they are competent to work on your appliance. You can also check them on the SAQCCGas website.

4. Check your appliances before using them. Sometimes we pack away our gas heaters until winter. There are seals that can degrade in time. Make sure your appliance is safe before using If you can smell gas, immediately turn off the gas at the cylinder valve and check all hoses for leaks before returning or replacing the cylinder.

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