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Upgrade Your Garage to 2019 - Smart Storage & Security Solutions

Live in the future by upgrading garage security and storage to the latest trends of 2019.



Often a messy and neglected space, the garage is not always used to its fullest potential, which is a shame considering its size. However, for you to use it as smartly as possible, you need to organize it properly through optimal storage. You also need to ensure safety as you wouldn’t want for anything to go missing from it, especially considering the fact that most of us keep expensive tools and other valuables in the garage. So, instead of living in the past, live in the future by upgrading garage security and storage to the latest trends of 2019.







Means to increase security


• Securing the entrance

Upgrading security is the first step you must take, and to do it as modernly as possible, you have to install a smart door opener. You can either go for a retrofit in case you have an older opener already installed, or opt for a complete new system that you either replace the old one with or make a new installation in case you lacked this important security means altogether.

The latest models offer core capabilities that make them indispensable to modern people, like remote opening and closing of the garage door over the smartphone, remote smartphone monitoring, customizable alerts regarding the door’s status, creating schedules to open and close the door at specific times of the day, and more.

• Lights

Even though it doesn’t really add to security, installing a proper lighting system in the garage will help enhance safety. For example, if you are the DIY type of person who is likely to work late hours on making cabinets or other projects, you need light to safely continue your tasks. Furthermore, a lighting system also makes others aware of the fact that there is someone in the garage, indirectly helping decrease changes of a potential break-in through this part of your property.



Quick tips:

1. Properly secure the door that grants access inside your home from the garage if you have one. An alarm system, reinforcement, or a smart lock will take you a long way in terms of home security.

2. If there are windows, install curtains or board them up somehow so that when you are not at home, no one can see what you keep stored inside by peeking through them.

3. Install motion sensing lights as a well-lit garage is likely to deter thieves as they will panic at the thought of being spotted and have police called over to detain them.

4. A security camera pointed at the garage door doesn’t hurt, it’s an installation you won’t regret as you get to keep track of who is leaving the house using the car and when, and you also monitor potential break-in attempts to help police catch the perpetrators more easily.



Use the ceiling as much as possible

Clutter is likely to be one of your issues at the moment, and you can free the space up by using the ceiling for storage. Yes, you heard that right, you can get things off the floor with a simple DIY project where you install a ceiling storage system in which you place sliding bins filled with objects you only make use of occasionally or that you simply want to keep as memories.

There are guides you can follow to take up this project, guides that you can find online. It is a simple DIY project that even a first-timer can successfully handle, so you need not worry about difficulty. However, it does involve the use of certain tools that you may not have at your disposal, which means that you either borrow from a friend or neighbor, or do some shopping.


Create more room with a wall storage system

Don’t simply lean objects on the wall as you risk damaging them when they inevitably fall. If you want to clear space in the smart way, you should create a wall storage system and place whatever you can there, preferably power and gardening tools.

For lightweight objects, you can use pegboards that you mount on the walls. For heavier items you have lying around in the garage, go for sturdy shelves, and you can even put up old pallets to use them as a storage solution for rakes, shovels, and other larger objects.



Create a workspace

There are plenty of DIY worktable projects explained step by step on the internet, and we recommend you build one of your own as it will provide a convenient area where you can work on your DIY projects. Even if you are not the handy type and you don’t like to craft, you can still benefit from this space as you will have an office of your own, somewhere you can take your laptop and work in peace in your spare time.


Covering home security doesn’t quite cut it if you want to make sure you are 100% in the clear when it comes to burglaries as the garage requires your attention too. If you want to be in the now with garage security and organization, not only to enhance safety but to make the best out of this space, check out this article.



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