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Natural air freshener for a bathroom

When people come to my home and use the bathroom I am often asked about the bottle of perfume next to the toilet. I have been making my own natural air freshner for the bathroom for the past couple of years and I know I have saved myself a bundle in the process.


The bottle originally contained perfume and was given to me as a gift. Once empty I was loathe to throw it away. After forgetting to put air freshener on the shopping list I hit upon the idea of using my perfume bottle, which has a screw off top by the way, and filling it with my own natural air freshener.

To make up the air freshener I used about 10 drops of essential oil - you can choose your favourite scent for this but try to find a scent that works well with the lemon juice.

I use Neroli which has a lovely orange undertone. Fill up the bottle about quarter of the way with concentrated lemon juice and then add water... that's it.





The bathroom is always freshly scented and it works wonders at getting rid of poofy smells.

Now, think about how much a can of air freshener costs and how long it lasts. I have been using the same bottle of essential oil and lemon juice for the past two years...!

Here are some more natural air fresheners that you can try out for your own home.


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