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Fresh flowers last longer

Fresh flowers are a wonderfully inexpensive way to boost the mood of a room. Keep flowers looking vibrant for longer with these easy tips.

Whether you cut your flowers from the garden or buy them at your local supermarket or florist, making flowers last longer will add to your enjoyment of them, so follow the instructions below so that they do not wither and wilt.

1.  When cut flowers have been left out of water for any length of time, cells start to form over the cut ends of the stems, which will prevent the stems taking up water readily. Remove this portion with a quick snip with sharp secateurs about 2.5cm from the ends of the stem - cutting at an angle for better intake of water.

GOOD TO KNOW: It's important to use tepid water for fresh flowers.





2. Fill a vase or container with tepid water to about halfway. Flowers only take moisture through the ends of the stem, so any water around the foliage will allow bacteria to grow and flowers will die quickly. It also helps to strip any foliage from the lower half of the stem. Remember to top up the water after a day or two.

3. If you purchased your flowers from the supermarket or florist, place them in water in a bucket and put this in a cool, dark place for a couple of hours, so that the flowers can refresh themselves.

4. To prevent bacteria in the water use flower preservatives, a cap of household bleach, or a dissolvable aspirin.

Homemade Plant Food

To extend the life of your fresh flowers mix half a litre of water with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of sugar and a cap of household bleach. Pour this into a vase or container and flowers will last longer.

Recycle Food Jars as Vases

You don't need expensive vases to display fresh flowers. Recycle glass food containers and use these to create a wonderful display.

Fresh Foliage

Foliage can look just as beautiful as flowers. Cut interesting leaf shapes and patterns and place these in a vase as you would fresh flowers.

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