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Ways to Uplift Your Mood if you're feeling down

Being in lockdown and having to physically distance yourself from friends and family, plus the uncertainty of what's to come, have many feeling down. But there are activities that can lift your mood.


Take out the Games

Remember all those board games packed away in a cupboard? The ones you and your family haven't played for years because you are so busy with life? Well, now's the time to gather your family together and engage in your favourite games to not only fill the time but also bring closeness to those around you during this period of social distancing. Playing games, any sort of games, is scientifically proven to enhance your mood and promote mental health and wellbeing.







If you have tossed out all the board games long ago, there are still plenty of other games to consider such as charades, card games, dominoes, truth or dare, and many other games.







Get Fit Together

You might not think that this one would be fun, but imagine putting on your favourite dance tunes and the whole family getting fit while having fun. Even if you only set aside 30 minutes every day, the exercise gained from a 30-minute dance routine will have everyone in good shape by the time the lockdown ends.

We all know that exercise is good for you, but it's also a great way to boost your mental health. Exercise relieves boredom and reduces stress levels, plus the entire family will feel better and the kids will work off excess energy that they can't burn up outdoors.







Some other games that can try to help improve fitness while having family fun are, an egg & spoon race, sack race and 3-legged race. If you have a garden you can set these up outside on a sunny day.

Cookery Lessons for Everyone

Kids love to help mom bake and make biscuits and cakes, so why not make good use of this opportunity to teach the entire family about food health by showing and explaining how to make nutritious meals. Being able to cook and bake will provide a fun experience that is filled with creativity, and everyone will get to partake in the results. Who knows, your child could become a young chef in the future.

Be Creative with Recycling

Every day, in every single home, items are thrown away... items that could be recycled in creative ways. Instead of throwing these items into the trash, let the kids come up with ways to use them creatively. Turn plastic bottles into holders for crayons and pencils, make storage containers using margarine and ice-cream tubs. There are so many crafty ways to recycle items that go into the dustbin that the kids could be using for crafts.



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