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Best Way to Clean Venetian Blinds

I have Venetian blinds installed in quite a few rooms in my home and have discovered an easy and effective method for keeping them clean.




I have Venetian blinds fitted in quite a few rooms in my home, I love the convenience and affordability of these types of blinds, whether you purchase the plastic, aluminium or basswood blinds. They are easy to install and you can purchase a wide selection of ready-made options that you simply have to hang.

The aluminium Venetian blinds are installed in the bathrooms and offer privacy and filter out bright sunlight in the early morning. Aluminium blinds are a good choice for bathrooms since they don't rot or rust in this wet environment. I even have them installed close to the shower area and they don't suffer any ill effects. The basswood blinds in the kitchen provide plenty of privacy and can easily be adjusted to filter out the bright sunshine in the afternoon.

The only downside to installing Venetian blinds is the hassle of keeping them clean. I'm not too worried about the aluminium or plastic blinds, as I can easily remove these to take them outdoors for a good cleaning, especially as they are quite narrow and not difficult to manage. But you can't wash basswood blinds as you would aluminium or plastic blinds, and it isn't easy to take large blinds down for cleaning outdoors. So how do you keep these blinds clean?







Venetian blinds are a great option for privacy and the ability to control the amount of light that comes into a room, but how do you keep them clean?









Up until about a year ago, I was using a 3-prong tool to clean the blinds. It worked okay but it was still a mission to clean large blinds. Then I came across a new blind cleaning tool at my local Builders that solved all my blind cleaning problems. It has 7 cleaning prongs and the faux sheepskin is microfibre and attracts dust as you clean. A much easier and faster way to clean the blinds.









Below, you can see how easy it is to use the pronged cleaner on Venetian blinds, whether they are plastic, aluminium or basswood.


Yuppiechef has a 3-prong blind cleaner priced at R149 and Takealot has a similar one priced at R85. Can't quite work out why there is such a difference in price - they look fairly similar, and Mr Price Home has one almost exactly the same at R30.


The trick to keeping your blinds clean and not having to do an intensive cleaning is to use the blind cleaner regularly. If you have blinds in the kitchen that tend to get greasy over time, these you can wash down as and when required with a microfibre cloth and warm soapy water.

Buy a pair of braai tongues and a place a couple of damp, soapy microfibre cloths on the ends of the tongues with elastic bands. You should be able to clean the blinds and remove any greasy residue without too much hassle.



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