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I am opening this feature for anyone that has a crippled pet, in order to be able to provide more information - not only for myself - for anyone who has ideas and suggestions for caring for a dog or cat that has been crippled.


 My 5 year old Daschund recently suffered back trauma, a common problem with this breed, and is now paralysed in his back legs. What I find amazing is his easy ability to cope with the loss of his legs - it's me that is finding it difficult.

Having to care for a paralysed pet is like having a baby all over again. It's sleepless nights because he can't go to the toilet on his own, moving him into the bedroom so that I can keep an eye on him, and the constant around-the-clock care that he requires until he stabilises. I have taken to popping a disposable nappy on him in the event so that I can get a good night's sleep!





It's only been just over ten days since the trauma, which happened for no obvious reason, and too soon yet to think about fitting him with a K9 cart - and which I will be making myself as a project for anyone interested.

Max is as passionate about DIY as myself. He likes nothing better than to sit beside me as I drill, cut, sand and saw. Many the times he is covered from head to toe with sawdust - like his owner!

Max sits on a fabric hammock or seat that is mounted inside the box cart. It's not perfect but he manages to run up and down the road and in circles before wearing himself out, so it's good enough for now.

This is the first prototype and I am now going to modify and smooth out the faults with this one until I get it right.

06 October 2011

It has now been almost four weeks since Max suffered trauma to his back. He is running around our housing development like a bat out of hell! His outlook has also change dramatically and he doesn't even think he's paralysed sometimes - except when he needs to go to do his duties - and then I get a small whine to let me know. The cart is still holding up and the neighbours enjoy watching Max take his daily walk around.

 21 February 2012

Over the past six months I have spent a lot of time doing physio with Max and believe me, it has paid off. He has achieved 90% mobility back and now runs around on his own. If you have a Daschhund with back problems - don't give up. Swimming exercises, love and attention make all the difference in the world.


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