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9 Easy ways to control clutter

From remote controls to kitchen countertops piled high with clutter, every room has its problem with clutter, so why not try these easy ways to control clutter for your home.


Baskets corral clutter

It's so easy for your living room to overflow with clutter. One of the most practical ways to keep clutter contained in your living spaces is to use baskets to store books, magazines, TV remotes and the like. You can shop around for baskets that complement your existing decor, from rustic to modern, and use these to keep clutter out of sight.





Trays keep a room tidy

Trays don't take up a lot of space and you can buy - or make - a tray that is perfect for any room in the home. Use trays for small items that make your home messy. A modern tray on your coffee table will let you style your coffee table and keep small clutter out of the way.

Can the clutter

By recycling tin cans you can add affordable and attractive storage to any room in a home. Tin cans can be wrapped with fabric, covered with pretty patterned paper, spray painted, or given a stencilled design and then used to storage a wide range of items.



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