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Why Clearing Snow and Ice from Your Property Is So Important

Te to-do list for home maintenance in the winter will include removing snow and ice


The first snowfall of the winter season is a crisp, clean white blanket draping across homes, streets, and buildings. Over the following months, this picturesque sight becomes a source of agitation for many homeowners. Snow and ice mean extra time defrosting the car before leaving for work, endless scraping of ice from windows, forging a path to the car every day, and the tentative shuffle down sidewalks as safety becomes a priority.

As a good neighbor, the to-do list for home maintenance in the winter will include removing snow and ice. This neighborly act is good for the home and property as well. Snow and ice removal doesn’t stop at shoveling the sidewalk – there are plenty of other areas in need of clearing as well.





Why Is Removal Important?

Legal Responsibilities

Clearing snow and ice from your property is important for a few different reasons. In addition to being neighborly, it is also often a requirement. Individual cities and neighborhoods often have expectations about whether you are responsible for removal. In some instances, building owners take on the responsibility of removing snow, especially on sidewalks utilized by residents and pedestrians.
As a property owner or manager, requirements may fall to you. Removing snow and ice is also way to reduce liability for any accidents that could result from slipping and falling.


Additionally, clearing is essential for safety, especially when heavy snow is involved. Injuries can easily occur from slippery ice or piled up snow. Clearing this from your property helps decrease the chance of injuries.

If the property in question is a business property, snow and ice removal is necessary to avoid accidents from customer, employees, or both. For example, an icy parking lot can easily lead to an auto accident. Slips and falls for employees can lead to liability lawsuits or property damage.

To Help Others

Depending on property locations, lack of snow clearing can impede others as they navigate around or through the pile-up. Clear sidewalks and paths to the sidewalk are essential to reduce the chance of falling and help other people go about their day.

Snow Clearing Is Good for Business

On top of all this, a cleared business property indicates the business is open. A lack of clear pathways can lead potential customers to drive on in search of a safer option. Property tenants could find themselves snowed in and suddenly start rethinking their lease for the following year. Either way, a cleared property makes it easier and safer to navigate for all involved.

Outsource the Responsibility

At the end of the day, snow and ice clearing isn’t the most exciting thing to wake up early for. If removal is the bane of your existence, hire a snow removal company. These experts can clear business property and personal property while you stay warm inside. These companies can also supply clearing essentials – like salt and sand – to help when the next snowfall is on the horizon.

In searching for a snow removal company, look for an insured and licensed company who is able to provide the top-notch service needed. After a heavy snowfall, these companies are in high demand and can sometimes be harder to track down and schedule. These are also great resources for holiday trips or vacations. They can clear your property while you are away and provide peace of mind.

Tips for Snow Clearing

For those who prefer a do-it-yourself approach, check out these tips to snow and ice clearing:
• Remove snow as soon as possible to decrease the chance for ice to form
• Shovel sidewalks on all property sides
• Shovel the full width of sidewalks and shovel all the way down to the concrete
• Use salt to melt the ice
• Sprinkle sand after clearing snow and ice to help prevent slipping
• Pile snow on property, not in street or the alley
• Arrange for removal during trips or vacations



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