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Home Cheats 101: 10 Cleaning Hacks from People Who Always Have a Clean House

10 Cleaning hacks from people who always have a spotless home



Do you know someone who always has the cleanest home with no clutter around? You may be wondering how that person keeps such a clean home as you want to do the same for your own property.

Cleaning your home might be a tedious task but it can and should always be done. There are actually countless hacks on how you can make your home spotless and most of these are cheap and easy to do. As long as you are consistent and patient with your efforts, it won’t be long before you can enjoy a clean home.

Let's look at 10 cleaning hacks from people who can effortlessly make their properties spotless and you will find even more eco-friendly cleaning hacks at Rubbish Taxi:


#1 Donate and Declutter

It's hard to keep your space organized when it's filled with "stuff." Make an effort to donate items you no longer need. If items are broken and can't be fixed, toss them. Also, implement the one in, one out rule. When you bring something in, donate or toss something to make room.

Donating and decluttering are two of the most common yet effective ways of cleaning your home. For you to accomplish these tasks, start by going through every area of your home and assess which items are no longer in use. Regardless of how expensive or sentimental an item is, if you’re no longer using them, it’s best if you dispose or donate them.

Keeping items that are no longer useful can only take up valuable storage space in your home and collect dust. Over time, this can become the breeding ground for germs and bacteria, making your home unsanitary.


#2 Keep Flat Surfaces Clear

A clean counter or desk is more appealing than one cluttered with mail or office supplies. Take a moment to clear items off of large flat surfaces like the kitchen counter or the top of your desk. Regular clearing will keep the space looking clean.


#3 Develop a Cleaning Routine

Keeping any place clean requires routines. Without regular cleaning, laundry piles up, dust multiplies, and toys get stepped on. Set up a routine so that you don't forget key cleaning activities. For example, make Thursday evening your vacuuming time.
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#4 Find a Place for Everything

When you don't have a place to put everything, you end up with piles and clutter everywhere. It's very hard to keep a space clean when you have to navigate stacks or clutter. Find a place for everything and it won't be a problem.

Ideally, you should create different storage spaces around your home. This is especially true if your house or property is small. You can invest in clear containers and then label them, or use wicker boxes as your storage spaces. Installing wall shelves or making use of your ceiling for storage are also great ideas. You'll never run out of storage ideas today - you just have to be creative and resourceful with your efforts.


#5 Clean As You Go

Don't let small cleaning and straightening chores pile up. Have the kids put their toys away before they go to bed. Straighten the pillows on the couch before you retire for the night. Fold the laundry as soon as the dryer is done.


#6 Bring in the Experts

If you can afford it, have a professional rubbish removal company come in every couple of weeks. It will give you the incentive to straighten up and do the daily chores, so they can do the deep cleaning without navigating the clutter.

Contrary to popular belief, hiring a professional cleaning company is not a waste of money because these are trained and well-equipped individuals who can properly and extensively clean your home. The money you’ll pay them will surely go a long way as you can save time and energy from cleaning your home by yourself. This is especially important if your home has many hard-to-reach areas.


#7 Get Everyone Involved

Unless you live alone, there is more than one person making a mess in the house. Everyone should be involved in keeping it clean. Make a list of chores and delegate. Even small children can help pick up toys and put trash in the bin.


#8 Tackle the Dishes Before Bedtime

Waking up to a sink filled with dirty dishes isn't pleasant. A better solution is to clean the dishes or at least put them in the dishwasher before bed. If the dishwasher is full, run it, so you wake up to clean dishes and an empty sink.


#9 Make Your Organization Eye Appealing

Storage and organization are often a part of your decor. There's no reason for it look unsightly or out of place. Store toys in a large colorful basket. Use a stylish footstool that has internal storage. Organize your closet by color.


#10 Play Your Favorite Music or Podcast

For most people, cleaning is not a favorite way to spend time. However, it's possible to add a bit of fun to the mix. Grab some headphones and listen to your favorite music or podcast. It will make the time seem to pass faster. Plus, you can try some new dance moves with the broom.

These simple cleaning hacks will help you get your cleaning under control and keep it that way. Remember, cleaning isn't something you do once a month and forget about it. It's something you need to do every day so your home remains clean and comfortable.



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