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Is Our Drinking Water Clean?

I have had an RO Water Purifier installed for the past 6 years. Every year the cartridges are changed. This year, two of the cartridges were loaded with bacteria... Why?


It has been just over 6 years since I had my Blue Spot Water RO Purifier installed and every year a service rep comes out to change the cartridges, flush the system and check for leaks. This year was different. This year there are definite signs of bacteria around the top and seal of two of the cartridges.

I'm not an authority on water quality, but when my cartridges have been dirty for the past 5 years, but this year they have clear signs of bacterial slime, this definitely indicates something. And apparently I'm not the only one whose cartridges have definitively shown bacteria.





The company has had several call outs where cartridges have been compromised by bacteria in the water supply. If there is bacteria collecting in the cartridges is this not an indication that our water quality is dropping?

Note: The comments above are my personal experience. I welcome any input from Joburg Water / Rand Water or others who have experienced the same problem. Contact me on



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