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Clean Floor Tiles

Tiled floors have to withstand a lot; daily traffic, spills, children and pets can quickly become dull and grout lines grubby. Here are some tips on keeping tiled floors hygienically clean and shiny.


Tiled floors are an investment that can be hard work and expensive to replace. With a few simple tricks you can keep tiled floors looking good by following these simple guidelines to cleaning and maintaining tiled floors:

Daily Routine

Dust and dirt will scratch the surface of glazed ceramic tiles which causes tiles to become dull, so it's important to prevent a build up of this on tiles. A daily clean with a vacuum, soft broom or microfibre pad will remove harmful dust and dirt. A vacuum and microfibre pad are the best options, as these lift dust and dirt off the surface, while a broom tends to disturb dust and this floats and falls to the floor once you think you're done.

GOOD TO KNOW: A mat or rug placed at entryways into tiled rooms helps cut down on dirt and will extend the life of tiled floors.





Weekly Routine

Give tiled floors a good clean with a microfibre mop or steam mop. Clean the water regularly to ensure floors are clean - you don't want to exacerbate the problem by spreading dirty water over tiles and grout.

To clean tiles there are a variety of wax-free cleaners that you can find on the shelf at your local supermarket, and you can use a homemade cleaner consisting of vinegar or lemon juice to remove stains. Don't use these products on natural stone tiles.

Bi-Annual or Annual Maintenance

If you use a wax-based cleaner, you will find that tiles become hazy over time due to wax build-up on the surface. Use a tile stripper to remove wax-based products and resgtore the shine to tiles.

Where grout lines are stained and grubby - and you don't have a steam mop - make a paste with baking soda and rub this over the grout lines, or shop for a specialist grout cleaning product. Let the paste sit overnight and then scrub with a nylon scrubbing brush. Rinse with clean water.

GOOD TO KNOW: Cotton and sponge mops tend to push grimy water into grout lines, further adding to the amount of cleaning required to keep tiles looking good. Rather opt for a microfibre or steam mop.

A new innovation that is affordable is the H20 X5 Steam Mop. Available locally at a cost of around R570.00, this product has been reviewed by Goodhousekeeping and found to be excellent value for money.


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