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Clean a hob the eco-friendly way

When you have a toughened glass hob you need to clean without scratching. Here's an eco-friendly cleaner that works on tough grease.


When cleaning a toughened glass hob you have to be careful not to scratch the surface. I discovered a very easy - and eco-friendly - way to clean my glass hob that uses everyday household ingredients, and requires hardly any effort. 

All you need is Baking Powder and White Vinegar.





Sprinkle a generous amount of baking powder over the greasy areas.

Pour on a small amount of white vinegar.

This starts to fizz and it is the fizzing that breaks down grease. Leave this on the hob for a minute or two.

Use a kitchen sponge with soft scourer to gently rub over the surface. Don't rub hard as this will leave behind scratches.

If you are cleaning a hob that has been left standing for some time, you may need to repeat this process to remove stubborn grease.

As you can see, very little effort and eco-friendly cleaners do work!


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