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An Easy And Effective Method - Or Two - For Cleaning Baking Trays

When you're a busy home baker making goodies for your family, you want an easy and effective way to clean your baking trays.



An Easy And Effective Method - Or Two - For Cleaning Baking Trays


Baking trays can easily become a baked-on greasy mess if not cleaned regularly, and when you're a busy home baker there isn't always time to spend hours scrubbing baking trays clean. We tried out 2 different - eco-friendly - alternatives for cleaning baking trays so that you know which one worked best.

Many like to use baking trays for more than baking cookies, they are easy to pop into the oven if you are heating foods, roasting small meals, and even for making toast for a large family. The only problem is, baked-on grease gets harder and harder to remove and cleaning these becomes a mission. See which cleaning method worked best for us:







Cut your cleaning time with these clever cleaning tricks using eco-friendly alternatives to chemical products.



Bicarbonate of Soda (bicarb) is our equivalent to Baking Soda and it has many uses in the home, one of which is breaking down grease. We have seen plenty of posts that claim bicarb will remove greasy residue on its own, so we gave it a try.


BEFORE & AFTER - Using Bicarbonate of Soda to clean Baking Tray



Soak the baking tray in very hot water for about 10 minutes, this will help to soften the baked-on grease. While still wet sprinkle bicarb liberally over the surface. It will fizz up for a few minutes and then stop. If there are still a few spots where the bicarb has not fizzed, sprinkle with water. Use a scouring pad to scrub away the grease.


The results for this cleaning method were quick, but it did also require quite a bit of scrubbing to clean away the remaining baked-on grease. And even after that, there was some grease left behind.








Here is one that many of you may already know since the use of bicarb and white vinegar can be used for so many other cleaning applications in the home.


BEFORE & AFTER - Using Bicarb & White Vinegar to clean Baking Tray



As above, it's always a good idea to pre-soak the baking tray in very hot water for about 10 minutes, just to soften up the grease. This time, dry the tray and then sprinkle bicarb liberally over the surface before pouring white vinegar over the top of this. Once the fizzing stops, put the tray back in the hot water and leave to soak for 30 minutes before scrubbing with a scouring pad


This method required a bit more soaking in hot water, but the result showed that it worked well and cleaned away the majority of baked-on grease without too much effort. If you repeat this method on a regular basis you should be able to get all your baking trays clean and grease-free.







Adapted from article via Reader's Digest




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