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Why an Inverter-Generator is the Best Choice

With the possibility of load shedding on the horizon as companies start up again, an inverter generator supplies high-quality electricity that is comparable to a household power source.



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Load shedding and power outages might not be on the cards as of this moment, but you can be sure they aren't too far away now that business is returning to the 'new normal' after the lockdown. Instead of waiting until they happen, make sure you are prepared in advance.

Inverter-generators are the most popular among all generators, which is why there is a high demand for these when power outages and load shedding take over our lives.







An inverter-generator is a generator features a built-in inverter that stabilizes the frequency that allows for the production of  stable energy flow, which is important when running sensitive appliances from this power source. When the power goes out, you can use an inverter-generator to power home appliances, from hot plates to precision equipment such as personal computers.








Features of Inverter-Generator

An inverter-generator is a generator that can output electric current that has a stable waveform at the same level as an outlet found in the home. It's a bit difficult to understand by itself, so I'll explain each in turn.

First, an inverter is a device that converts direct current into alternating current. And DC is a voltage with a fixed direction and size (such as batteries). On the other hand, alternating current is a voltage whose direction and magnitude change over time (such as household outlets).

Electrical equipment that uses a power cord plugged into an outlet operates on AC voltage. And the voltage reaching the household outlet is a clean wave (sine wave).







However, the power generated by a normal generator has a distorted waveform. If you connect a laptop or personal computer, or any other type of sensitive electronic equipment in this state, the device may not work properly and may be permanently damaged. Therefore, once converted to direct current, and then converted back to alternating current by an inverter, the power of a clean waveform that can be used by a laptop or personal computer is output.



What About Generator Without Inverter?

The big difference between an inverter-generator and a generator without an inverter is the ability to use precision equipment such as a personal computer, laptop or sensitive electronic equipment. A generator without an inverter cannot be used for precision equipment because the output waveform is distorted.

However, an inverter less generator can be used for devices that simply generate heat or rotate a motor, such as heaters and fans. Therefore, when choosing a generator, it is necessary to choose with or without an inverter, depending on what kind of equipment you want to use.



Electrical Equipment that can be used with an Inverter-Generator

Inverter-generators can also be used with the following equipment, which cannot be used with other types of generators:

1. Precision equipment (charging PCs, smartphones, charging tools using lithium-ion batteries, etc.)

2. Microcomputer controlled electronic devices (rice cooker, TV, microwave oven, etc.)

In other words, the inverter-generator is the most versatile generator for linking up when the power goes out.







How to use Inverter-Generator

Here, we will introduce how to use the inverter generator. Since the generator uses gasoline etc. as fuel, it is extremely dangerous if handled incorrectly. There are also convenient ways to use it in parallel, so please take a look.

- Recommendations before use

When using an inverter generator, pay attention to the following points when preparing the main unit.

Install the generator in a stable place

Do not put flammable objects in the vicinity

Install in a well-ventilated area that is at least a metre away from the wall with the exhaust pointing away from the house

Unplug any power cords before starting up the generator

Do not use in the rain

Getting an inverter-generator ready for use:

     1. For models with a frequency switch, switch the frequency according to the device.

     2. When using the generator for the first time, replenish the maintenance oil.



For leisure, outdoor work, emergency situations at the time of an event or disaster, load shedding or power outage, the inverter-generator is a versatile power source that can be used for various purposes.




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