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Useful Guide For Changing The Address With The USPS

Three Options Offered By The US Postal Services


When you have plans to initiate a move from your old home to a new house, your to-do activities will include having a home inventory, packing the belongings and availing the services of a moving vehicle. However, one aspect that you should not forget is to make sure that the others will be able to reach you by initiating the change of address with the US Postal Service.
Three Options Offered By The US Postal Services

You have three distinct options offered by the USPS or the US Postal Service to get all your letters, parcels, and bills delivered to your recent address. The moving guide offered by the address change services will help you make a change of address very swiftly.





1. To Avail Free Mail Forwarding Service

You can enter the change of address form by filling up your details to get all the first class mails delivered to the present address that you have moved in. You can get this USPS service free of cost for a specific period of 12 months or 1 year. After this procedure, the USPS will return all the mails that are sent to the earlier address back to your senders.

2. Choosing Premium Forwarding Service

You can avail the Premium Forwarding Service that allows you to receive the forwarded mails for a temporary period. It is a perfect choice for those individuals who own two residences in two different locations but wish to get their mails forwarded to the updated addresses. However, you must spend $15 for choosing this service, and per week you must pay $17 for getting the mails forwarded to your preferred address.

3. General Delivery Service by the US Postal Service

You can opt for the general delivery service by the US Postal Service while you are moving to a new location, but don’t hold a permanent address yet. Using this specific service, your contacts will be able to reach you by sending the letters that are addressed to your old home by marking it with the words, “General delivery” along with the details like name of the state and city along with the zip code with 9 digits of the primary post office. You can pick the mails or packages at the local post office for 1 month after it has arrived.

4. Permanent Change Of Address

For making a change of address in a permanent fashion, you should fill up the address change form. You can fill up the address change form online by downloading the change of address form to mail it later on to the post office or by visiting the local post office. The simple way of filling out the address change form online and make use of the debt or the credit card to pay the $1 as the verification fee. The USPS verifies your identity along with the debit or card details with your address on the paperwork for ensuring that your identity is right.



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