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Easy Way to Soundproof a Home

Described as ear-relief for open spaces in a home, Ikea's ODDLAUG panels absorb annoying noise and help with soundproofing a home - plus you can easily make your own soundproofing panels.


A new product introduction from Ikea, ODDLAUG are soundproofing panels that can be installed in a home to dampen interior noise or reduce noise from outdoors. They are great from dampening sound from one room to another, so help bring down the level of noise from a kitchen or when the kids are playing indoors and you need to concentrate.

Although the product description offered doesn't tell you what's inside the circular sound dampening pads, you can quite easily imagine that it would be something similar to a thin layer of cork wrapped in a felt cover. These two materials, when combined together to make a large panel, would most definitely help to dampen sound levels in a home.







The Ikea ODDLAUG panels come in sections and you have to buy as many section panels as you need to fill up a particular space or mount over a door or window. They are suspended from a simple track system that can be open and closed. If you are making your own soundproofing panel you can hang from a curtain rail or track, or create a room divider, as seen below.

The level of sound dampening that the panels provide depends on how many panels you place together, although Ikea recommends a minimum of 4 panels for a decent effect.





The panels can't be washed, dry-cleaned or tumble dried, so it can work out pretty expensive if you need quite a few of these panels to block out noisy neighbours or outside traffic. Even more reason to try and make your own version of this product to help with sound levels. Plus, I like the idea of being able to use different coloured felt to create a bit of colourful fun at the same time. The Ikea panels are all shades of grey, but you can make your own using your own colour selection of felt.

If you need a high level of soundproofing in your home, you can combine the above panels with other soft furnishings such as upholstered pieces, carpets and/or rugs, and layered window treatments. All these together help to cancel out or reduce exterior noise.



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