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A Clean Home Highlights Your Design

There are a lot of pros to cleaning your house, especially when it comes to your design.


The whole process of cleaning your home could be very daunting, trust me I have been there. But I honestly do believe that once your home is finally clean, the result is all worth it in the end. It's totally understandable, especially if you are a procrastinator or just plain lazy like me, how you would prefer to just clean everything later. But if you really think about it, you will realize that once your home is tidy, the effort you put in to design it will be more noticeable. There are a lot of pros to cleaning your house, especially when it comes to your design. So let me tell you a few of them.


Having clothes thrown everywhere with dust covering every surface and garbage littering the place could really give off some bad energy to anyone standing in the place, let alone living in it. Not to mention, the fact that it takes from the aesthetic of the place with everything being so cluttered. But tidying up your home and making it presentable and welcoming, calms people and makes them more appreciative of the style around them.


Hygiene and cleanliness are huge factors in why people clean their homes, as living in a place where you are afraid of catching diseases doesn’t really sit well with some. Also, lets not forget about the smell part, here. If you honestly think that people who come into your home will focus on the design aspect and how good it looks when it smells like a garbage can, then you are sadly mistaken.

This alone should motivate you to clean your house. The fun part about this is you are in charge of when and how to clean it. You could decide to clean the whole house all at once and get it over with or you could divide it for a couple of days, maybe even a week. You could also go for bribing a few friends to help out. But if you just want it over and done with without exerting any effort, hiring a cleaning service is greatly ideal for you. There are a lot of professionals out there that could give you a clean, refreshing home and make your life a lot easier. The options are endless.


Lets not forget the fact that dirty walls and furniture takes away from the vibrant colors in your home. I think we can all agree that muted colors aren’t so pretty. So basically, you could spend so much time picking the perfect wall color or choosing the best couch but in the end all of that wouldn't matter when your beautiful sky-blue chair has ugly brown spots of dirt covering it or when your fluffy white rug is filled with food crumbs. This defeats the whole purpose.

Draws the focus

Humans are easily distracted, plus our eyes are normally drawn to flaws. So if you eliminate all forms of distractions from your home by tidying up a bit, people won't have a choice but to focus on your pretty vase or your vibrant portray that you are so proud of. Remove distractions and draw the focus, this is the easiest way you can highlight the design of your home and make people appreciate the effort you put in more.

More natural light and openness

There isn’t anything in this world that could direct the human eye to your beautifully decorated home more than natural light. The sun is your best friend when it comes to grabbing anyone's attention, so creating shadows by not cleaning your home will prevent the natural light from bathing your home in its warm glow.

A clean home also provides more open space and helps your design shine more. But if your house is a mess with things thrown everywhere and no negative space whatsoever, then you are preventing people from seeing your full vision. Basically, openness is a key factor in helping your full design stand out and shine through.

Increases accessibility

You will only realize how important the ability to walk around is once you can't anymore and your path is obscured with all the things thrown around on the floor. But remove those and see how much easier it is for people to walk around and get closer to your décor pieces. It will help them appreciate the small pieces all around your house which help make it homier and more you.

Cleanliness is key

The bottom line is, a clean home is better suited if your aim is for people to see how beautiful your house is and how much time and effort you dedicated to make sure everything stands out. And even though, it might be time-consuming, it's totally worth it.



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