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Keep Cosy this Winter with these Warmth Hacks

Winter is upon us and it promises to be a cold one and that means it is time to stock wood for your fireplace and break out the heaters and electric blankets.






Winter is upon us and it promises to be a cold one. Our mountainous neighbour Lesotho has already seen its first snowfalls, with temperatures there dropping below -2 degrees. That means it is time to stock wood for your fireplace and break out the heaters and electric blankets. Which option is right for you and, more importantly, will survive the tough test of stage four loadshedding? With its comprehensive range of heaters, fireplaces, and electric blankets, Builders is best positioned to advise on the top ways to keep cosy.











Gas or Electric?

This is a question that has plagued South Africans ever since we were first introduced to the dreaded L word (loadshedding). There are a range of things to keep in mind here. According to Builders’ heaters solutions expert Dave Van Den Bergh, gas heaters are generally going to be more expensive than electric ones in store, but that may not always be the case over the long term.

Van Den Bergh says, “The cost of a gas heater is generally far higher than that of an electric heater and you will have to keep replenishing gas cylinders. But electric heaters are not very energy efficient and so use a lot more energy to produce the same heat, especially when looking at coil heaters. This means that over time you will probably pay more in electricity expenses than a gas heater would cost you.”

A gas heater will also be able to run when you don’t have power. With that said, gas heaters may reduce the air quality in a room and tend to be heavier to move around.





Light My Fire:

There is something soothing about fireplaces. They don’t just keep a house warm; they invite family members to spend time together in the winter months and can make a beautiful statement piece. Determining what type of fireplace you get for your space is as much about taste as it is about maths.

Roshana, Senior Integrated Campaigns Manager at Builders says, “If you choose a fireplace that’s too powerful for the room it’s heating, you’ll be using the dampener excessively to keep flames low. That means your fire won’t burn efficiently, causing chimney problems such as soot build-up. If the fireplace is too small and the room won’t be warm enough. We have a simple formula to help you find the right size. The output of a fireplace is measured in kilowatts, so, to figure out the correct kilowattage, use this formula: Height (m) x Length (m) x Width (m) of room x 0,07 = the number of kW needed.”









Get Snug:

There are few things as rewarding as sliding into a toasty bed on a cold night. Electric blankets are arguably the most comfortable way to stay warm during winter. Consider the following as you shop to ensure you buy an electric blanket that meets all your expectations:


  • Newer electric blankets are usually machine washable but not machine dryable so be careful with cleaning it
  • Make sure you pay attention to where the power cable on the bed may be in relation to the plug in your room. It is also safest to ensure that the electric blanket you choose has an auto shut off function.
  • Heated blankets can have more benefits than just keeping you warm. Heat can help relieve muscle and joint pain associated with some medical conditions. Having a timer feature is ideal for when you need to apply heat to sore body parts for a certain amount of time or if you don’t want to wake up hot in the middle of the night.


Roshana, Senior Integrated Campaigns Manager at Builders concludes, “Being warm this winter doesn’t have to break the bank. With a few smart choices you can turn your home into a heated heaven. At Builders, we’ll show you how to do so.”







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