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How to Keep Venetian Blinds Clean and Dust-Free

I have finally discovered the solution for keeping Venetian blinds clean and dust-free without the hassle!






I don't know about you, but I am tired of trying all different things to do for keeping my Venetian blinds clean. The method I currently use for cleaning my blinds can be found on this page and, while it does work well, it is time consuming. The other day I received a new lamp for my home and some assembly was required. As part of the installation kit, a pair of cotton gloves was included to protect the lamp while being assembled. After using the gloves I didn't just want to toss them out (you know I hate throwing things out!) and tried to think what they could be used for.



Standing at the kettle to make a cup of coffee, I put one of the gloves on and idly used it to wipe one of the blinds in the kitchen. Imagine my surprise when it worked and worked well. This gave me the inspiration to see if you can buy cotton gloves, how much they cost and if it would be feasible to use the cotton gloves for cleaning blinds.



In the kitchen especially, if you do not clean blinds regularly they tend to become gummy and sticky due to grease and dust build-up.









These Everigard Seamless Cotton Gloves cost R10 per pair at Builders stores or Builders online.





Using the gloves is easy, and at R10 per pair, well worth the cost. You can use the gloves over and over again and simply give them a wash in-between uses. I dampened the glove in soapy water (or you can add a bit of Handy Andy to the water) and wiped from one side to the other.





The grimy dust was easy to wipe off and then you simply dip your hand in the soapy water to clean the glove and repeat. These cotton gloves fit on both hands and can also be turned around which means you have four clean surfaces to work with for cleaning your blinds regularly. 










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