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Make Sure your Air Conditioner Operates Efficiently

Air conditioners have become an integral part of modern living, but it is important to know when to have an air conditioner serviced or checked out.






Air conditioners have been installed in offices for many years and they have now become an integral part of our homes. But people tend to overlook the fact that, when installed in offices they are regularly serviced to ensure they operate efficiently and properly. There are air conditioners installed in residential homes for many years that have not been serviced or checked to make sure they are efficient and not using more power than they should. What should you look out for to check that your air conditioner operates efficiently?









In this day and age, air conditioners are installed in residential homes to provide heating and cooling during the winter and summer months and, if properly maintained and serviced, these air conditioners will continue to operate within efficiency levels. However, most homeowners do not realise that an air conditioner needs to be properly maintained and essential services are forgotten until problems arise, the most common being that electricity costs increase without any reason. But nowadays, it is hard to check your monthly electricity bill for hikes since this has also become to norm for many homeowners.







Increase in monthly electricity costs

When an air conditioner needs to work harder, it also consumes more electricity causing an increase in your monthly power costs. While you might just overlook an increase as the norm, you should not ignore the fact that when an air conditioner needs to work harder it puts more strain on the motor and could eventually break down. Replacing an air conditioner is expensive but maintenance and service costs on an annual or bi-annual basis will ensure that an air conditioner remains efficient and in good working order. 





Load shedding can affect the thermostat

With load shedding being a frequent occurrence and causing havoc for many, the fact that the air conditioner is constantly switched on and off could affect the 'brains' of an air conditioner - the thermostat. An air conditioner relies on the thermostat to control the heating and cooling process, and this could also trickle down to other components that are not designed to work under constant load shedding.





Added noise during operation

Over time, we become accustomed to the noises made by appliances in the home, the white noise that is always in the background, but you should instantly pickup any unusual noises that occur. Any rattle, hiss, or hum indicates that something could be wrong with an air conditioner, and it is better to have it looked at as soon as possible.









Build-up of ice on the compressor

I can still remember the air conditioner in the very first office I worked in. Every summer, without fail, it would look like the top of a freezer and be covered in ice. Eventually the company called someone out to service the unit it was too late, but I was thankful that a new air conditioner was fitted in its place. A build-up of ice indicates a leak, and you should have someone investigate and repair the problem.





Maximum efficiency

Regular servicing will ensure the life of an air conditioner and ensure that it works at maximum efficiency. Keep the unit clean, be aware of any leaks, routinely clean the filters and make an effort to insulate the home to reduce heat loss or gain and your air conditioner will do as it guarantees - be efficient in cooling your home.










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