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Clean Up and Clear Out for the New Year

When was the last time you cleaned out your cupboards and drawers? If they are overfilled with clutter and stuff, use the following tips to clean up and clear out.






New Year is all about new beginnings and there is nothing better than a good cleanout, whether it's your fridge or freezer, your kitchen cabinets, or your closets and drawers. Think of it as a clean sweep to rid yourself of things you no longer need - a way to clean out your mind and body. In this article, we offer a few essential tips where cleaning might be overdue and who knows, you may discover you have some things you even forgot you had!



Having recently added more cupboards to my dressing room to accommodate the amount of stuff I have collected over the years I was pleasantly surprised to discover a couple of gorgeous tops that got put away and forgotten. They even still had the tags on! I couldn't remember when I bought them but was glad I found them.









With the idea being to clean up and clear out, let's look at a few areas in the home that are desperately crying out for help!





Clear Out Your Closet

Yeah, so let's start with the biggest first. While this article is not about advocating for de-cluttering your closet, it is about throwing out clothes that no longer fit, those that have holes or tears that you will probably never ever fix despite wanting to, clothing with stains that you just cannot bear to part with, and so on. You know where I am going with this. Hanging on to these items only takes up valuable space that could be used.





Go through your closet, your drawers and anywhere else you store clothes and throw out anything that you no longer need. And don't forget about shoes. This is an area where I suffer a lot and cannot seem to part with shoes that are so out of style, I will never wear them again.





Sort Through Your Linen Cupboard

This is a big problem area for me because I tend to keep things for 'just in case' but never end up using them. I have quilted comforters that are old, and a bit frayed around the edges, a few blankets that are more pile and fluff than actual blankets, and a ton of bed sheets, night frills and pillowcases, many of which have been nibbled on by fish moths or gone yellow with age. These are items I definitely should not hang on to and clearing them out will give me a lot of extra storage space.


If you store your towels in a linen closet, there are bound to be a few that are too thin and no longer fluffy. If they are older than 3 to 4 years, it is time to replace them and throw out the old ones or recycle them into something practical.









Clean Up The Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet or first aid box is generally filled with medicines and first aid supplies. The only problem with this is that these supplies expire. If you haven't checked what is in your medicine cabinet or first aid box for some time, chances are that you have more than a few items that should no longer be in there. In the case of a first aid box, make a note of what has expired so that you can replace these items.





Tackle Your Makeup Cases

Here is another area where you will no doubt find items that are old and shouldn't even be in your makeup case. We're talking about mascara that is too caked and dried up to use, eyeliner that is too clumpy, powders that are cracked or broken, and beauty products that have expired - you get the picture. Toss it out if you no longer use it - you don't need it!





Check Cleaning Products

This one I didn't know before... some cleaning products have an expiry date, who knew! The area where you store cleaning products and supplies usually get overcrowded and filled with things you don't need. I have a habit of collecting spray bottles and plastic bottles that I might one day find another use for, but only end up taking up space. Be tough and sort out what you don't use or don't need and get rid of it.









Clean & Clear A Pantry

Another area that quickly becomes filled with expired or old items is a pantry or food storage cupboard, especially towards the back. Take everything out, check expiry dates, check of weevils (nasty little buggers) and toss out anything that you haven't used in a while since chances are it is no longer good for use.





Don't Stop There!

Other storage areas that need a clean up and clear out is the garage, garden shed or workshop. Time to get hubby involved to sort through and throw out items that are taking up valuable storage space.







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