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A Sanitised Home is Good for You and Your Family

Not only is sanitising good for keeping you safe, but it is also great for the health of you and your family.






One interesting lesson that the Covid pandemic has taught us is that sanitising is good. Not only is it good for keeping you safe when you are out and about, but it also keeps you and your family safe when you are at home. Global statistics show that with everyone masking up, washing hands repeatedly and sanitising regularly, the common cold and influenza have decreased across the population. Is the future? Is this how we should be living? Is sanitising our home a good thing?









1. Hand Washing and Sanitising is good

It has become the new normal for everyone to carry a hand sanitiser around and this alone is good for keeping viruses such as influenza at bay, as well as more ailments such as the common cold. Washing or sanitising hands reduces the risk of passing germs to one another and resulting in the reduction of contagious infections.





Repeated washing of hands with soap eliminates the spread of germs.









2. Sanitising Bathrooms

The bathroom is the one room in the house that everyone uses frequently, which makes it a hotspot for germs. The toilet is no longer the main culprit in this room for germs and bacteria, and more focus can be placed on the hand basin, hand towels or items that everyone uses on a daily basis such as toothbrushes, etc. Wiping these down with sanitising cleaner that kills germs and bacteria is a good practice.





3. Sanitising Door Handles and Knobs

Ongoing research has revealed that many viruses can survive for long periods of metal and plastic and that is why regularly wiping down door handles, particularly those doors that get used often, to avoid the spread of infection. Many people are already taking this action and it is only to your family's benefit that you continue with this especially during the winter when colds and flu are active.



When you are out and about and need to use public toilets, sanitise after touching handles or taps. A pocket-sized sanitiser is good to always keep on you.




4. Sanitising Everyday Items

TV remotes, light switches, keys, anything that is used by more than one person on a daily basis should be sanitised after use. This can be a bit of a pain, but if you are concerned about your family's health precaution is the better option.







If you regularly use your debit or credit card for purchases, have the 'tap' function initiated or only handle the card yourself to avoid the transfer of germs. This doubly applies to cash in any form whether notes or coins as these are considered potential carriers of many infectious diseases. Stay cashless as much as possible.





5. Protect your Everyday Health

Wearing a facemask is not something we all enjoy but it is one that has kept us safe during the worst of the Covid pandemic. The facemask is also partly responsible for the reduction in the spread of colds and flu. It might not be in the future for us to wear masks all the time but there is no denying that it helps.



Make regular sanitising of household surfaces using a recognised product that kills germs and bacteria a lifestyle choice - one that will ensure the health of your family.








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