A Guide to Using Humidifier in the Bedroom

This guide to using a humidifier in a bedroom will walk you through how to use this device.





When the air is dry during winter or summer, you may have noticed that you sometimes wake up with sinus congestion or have nose bleeds later. In extreme cases, the dry air can cause flu or colds. These conditions come from breathing in the cold air. If you want to keep these health conditions at bay, use a humidifier in the bedroom. This guide will walk you through how to use this device. Firstly, know the moistening device best for your bedroom.


Which humidifier is good for the bedroom?

Humidifiers come with distinctive features that make them suitable for use in different rooms in your house. Such features include ultrasonic, which is found in a device like a Bedroom Humidifier. This humidifier produces sound waves at a higher frequency than you can hear. The feature makes it best for bedroom use as you will have an undisturbed sleep even if it's on for the whole night.



Safety measures of using a humidifier in a bedroom

Electronic devices such as bedroom humidifiers have safety measures. These measures are:


1. Manage humidity

When using a humidifier in your bedroom, it would be best to manage humidity levels. A level above 50% is likely to cause mold growth, triggering conditions like asthma.


2. Maintain the machine

Equally important is maintaining the humidifier you use in your bedroom by cleaning it regularly and changing the filter. Using the device can gather molds or impurities in its filter, and these impurities can be chemicals present in the water you use. So, you should clean it afterward.


3. Use clean distilled water

Ensure that the water you use in the humidifier is clean and distilled. The chemicals in hard water can damage the device and affect your health if it finds their way into the moisture produced by the device.


4. Consider other factors if using in your child's room

If you use this device in your child's room, you should consider factors like allergic reactions and health conditions. Note that using a humidifier with essential oils in your child's room may cause allergic reactions.


5. How close should a humidifier be to bed?

A humidifier should be three feet away from your bed. The distance allows the moisture to evenly distribute in the house, minimizing the chances of inhaling too much of it.


6. Where to place your humidifier

It would be helpful to place your humidifier on a non-metallic surface two feet from the ground. It's also essential to put a towel beneath it if you place it on a wooden surface. The towel will help in absorbing the moisture that can cause mold growth. Setting it too high near the ceiling will be ineffective since the mist plume produced by the device will hit the ceiling. As a result, it won't distribute the moisture in the room.

The best place to put this device in your bedroom is at the corner, and this position will enable even distribution throughout the room. Devices like Bedroom Humidifier are essential for well-being and comfort. However, the only way to reap the benefits is by using it correctly. A machine such as a bedroom humidifier also needs proper maintenance and care, and in doing so, it will serve you better and longer. You can refer to this guide to help you use this device.




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