8 Ways to Afford Life’s Little Luxuries

Here are 8 ways you can still enjoy a few of life’s luxuries when you’re trying to keep an eye on your expenses.






When times are tough, the first things to get bumped off the spending list are the luxuries - like that takeaway latte on the way to work and extra help around the house if you need it.

But here are a few ways you can still enjoy a few of life’s luxuries when you’re trying to keep an eye on your expenses:





Create a Chic Home Bar

Not everyone can afford to spend money to sip on cocktails and there are times when we just want to relax and enjoy a drink at home. You don't have to forego this luxury if you can DIY to make a home bar or shop around for an affordable home bar solution. To get a collection started stock up with a few key spirits such as tequila for margaritas, white rum for daiquiris and mojitos, bourbon for old fashioned's, gin for martinis and vodka for Cosmopolitans,” says Melrick Harrison at the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront. Bring that extra glam touch to your entertaining by making your own ice cubes. Use freshly picked herbs such as rosemary and mint and add these to clean water before freezing.






Heating Your Home

The increasing cost of electricity don't have to let you suffer in a cold house in the winter months. “Switching over to solar power so that you can rely on stored solar energy during the loadshedding in the evenings when the demand is at its highest, will not only cut back on your electricity bill, having a battery will make you immune to loadshedding, alleviate demand on the grid and help reduce load shedding in SA,” says Matthew Cruise, lead campaign manager of Hohm Energy. “With stored solar power, depending on the size of your panels and your battery capacity, you should be able to keep at least one room in your home warm.”





Family Entertainment

A Smart TV or home entertainment centre may not be a necessity when finances are tight, but instead of forking out thousands of rands for a TV, you could rent one for a fraction of the cost for as long as you need it, plus you have the option to cancel at any time or making the choice to own the TV after the rental term is up. “Having access to local and international subscription services during the colder months of the year lets you enjoy full-on entertainment when you need it. The same applies to home appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and tumble dryers as well as computers, home fitness equipment, or even beds,” says Jonathan Hurvitz, CEO of Teljoy. Even more beneficial is that your monthly subscription covers routine maintenance as well as risk cover and TV license! The only thing you need to worry about now is whether to add butter or salt to the popcorn.









Online Travel

Despite not being able to go out and about in the world, you don't want to overlook the magic of being able to experience foreign cultures until you can save up for that special overseas holiday. Airbnb’s exciting Online Experiences makes it possible to immerse yourself in other destinations from the comfort of your house. Take a virtual trip to the Taj Mahal while a local expert explains the wonders of India, learn how to make Italian pasta with a Nona, or experience fancy cocktails with a master class in Mexico. Now this is affordable and a whole lot of fun without leaving your home.





Get Help Around the House

Having extra help around the house is a luxury that many people are looking at cutting back on. But this shouldn't be the case. Home help and casual tradespeople also need the income to support themselves and their families. An alternative to reducing your home cleaning staff, book a cleaning service through an app such as SweepSouth. With this service you can choose how frequently your home needs cleaning and set up a timetable that works to your benefit.





Sushi and Pizza on Tap

Instead of eating out, learn to make a few fancy dishes at home. Being able to master the art of sushi will impress guests and family and is a great way to learn something new and save money in the process. If you love dining out for Italian food, pizza and pasta is as simple as buying ready-made bases and pasta and adding home-made ingredients.









Look for Affordable Luxe Experiences

You don't have to forego your experiences if you shop around for discounted offers and events in your area. It is easy to book online to partake in cultural experiences such as theatre, music, and art, so be sure to check for online notices for events that are happening. At many events taking place, you feel a part of society and get to experience an appreciation for things you would normally overlook.





Dine BYO and Buy Smart

Cutting back on things you enjoy, such as a meal at a restaurant aren't necessary if you are money-wise. Don't pay for expensive wines when you can take a bottle of your favourite wine along with you, plus you won't have to pay the over-inflated prices that are charged per glass.  Lusting after today's fashions and accessories? Be savvy and keep an eye out for sales and end-of-season specials.

Luxury is not defined by what you own as much as the way you feel. Whether it’s a mezze meal enjoyed picnic style on a fluffy rug in your sitting room, or sourcing brilliantly priced wines and MCC’s to enjoy at dinnertime, there are plenty of ways that don’t require the spending of huge amounts of cash to make you feel truly luxurious. Incorporate many of these into your everyday life instead of only waiting for when you’re able to spend the cash, and discover that luxury, indeed, is a state of mind.







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