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5 Simple Habits For Home Security

You don’t need a considerable budget to keep your home secure if you following these simple habits.



Whether you travel a lot or you love just staying at home, keeping your residence secure is a must at all times. A reliable home security will help ward off ill-intentioned trespassers and help you sleep soundly at night, even when you’re out on holiday. However, this requires more than just locking the front door at bedtime or when you leave.

The good news is you don’t need a considerable budget to keep your home secure. Here are simple habits you can start as early as today.


1. Get To Know The Neighbours

Being friendly to your neighbours does come with great benefits. You don’t need to send them casseroles of shepherd’s pies or jars of chocolate chip cookies every week. Just a simple ‘hello,’ ‘how do you do today?’ every time you come across them outside will do.

When your neighbour feels that you care about them, they’ll likely show the same to you and your property. Most importantly, they can inform you immediately if there’s someone suspicious outside your property. So, the next time you take the trash out or do a grocery run, say hi to your neighbour. Don’t forget to return the favour when it’s their turn to spend time out of their house.


2. Maintain Doors And Windows

A major habit that you need to form when it comes to your home’s security is always to be on top of things. Hence, from time to time, you need to do a run-through of your entire home. Check for damages on doors and windows, and see if anything needs repairs or replacement. Inspect window panes for cracks and rusty hinges that may need replacements. Additionally, it’s important to check any of your door’s locks and assess if they’re still formidable as before.

Moreover, check locks and keys if they’re all working and in good condition. If they’re not, it’s good to know that many providers offer 24/7 emergency locksmiths without any additional call-out fee, like Saunders Locksmiths or other reputable company. Simply schedule a service to your nearest professional so you’ll have a worry-free disposition.



3. Keep Bushes Trimmed

Tall hedges and topiaries, though pleasing to the eye, can be a magnet for burglars. Often, crooks also prioritize houses with untrimmed hedges because these can help cover their tracks. Thus, trimming your lawn won’t only make your house appealing, but it can also be a simple habit to deter unwanted guests

It’s so easy for burglars to survey your property and plan their attack days before the actual event because they can hide among your untrimmed yard. They can also work their way around the security cameras through them. This is reason enough that you must trim your yard.

Trimmed hedges and bushes look even more calming and pretty anyway. So, make sure that you schedule a lawn trim in your to-do list.


4. Don’t Advertise Your Absence

When you need to be out of town or country for a much-needed vacation, as much as you would like to share with everyone your trip, it’s better to keep it hush-hush for your own safety. Of course, you’re excited to announce to all of your followers on any social media platform, but remember that evildoers are lurking everywhere, and social media is their primary source of information these days.

With that said, don’t go around posting about your upcoming trip. Even more so, don’t disclose the date and time of your trip, especially the location of your escapade. By doing so, you’re just exposing yourself to vulnerability.

Disclose vital information about your trip only to people you trust, probably your nice neighbor or to a relative who lives nearby. If possible, ask them if they can check and drive by your house from time to time. People you trust can help keep your troubles at bay and give you the confidence to enjoy your travel with your family.


5. Lock Doors And Windows

This is the last thing to remember and probably the most important of all. What’s the use of brand-new locks if you won’t utilize them, right? Thus, ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked. Also, it would be best to assign a Key Master. The one responsible will take charge of all keys and make sure they’re not lost.


Wrapping Up

Before you pack your bags and tick that checklist you’ve been staring at for weeks, ensure that your home is safe and secured. These simple habits are a no-brainer, yet many people haven’t developed these habits. Follow these steps so you’ll be on your way to having a peaceful mind and even enjoying that long-awaited holiday when it comes up.






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