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Give your home office a makeover

Give your home office a makeover with paint and a few accessories, and put your DIY skills to good use.  


The home office is the first door just off the entry way, and was always closed whenever visitors came over.  Quite frankly it was more of a storage space and less of an office for many years.  The first thing I ever did when I heard the doorbell was close the office door.  

When I spied some bookcases on auction, something clicked in my brain.  I spy with my little eye a home office remodel. It took me five months to finally get around to completing the entire space since I’ve been busy with other things (ahem, life) but it got a complete overhaul from floor to ceiling and now I can say it is finally finished.   

We’ve owned this dark furniture for almost ten years but this space was way too dark and way too masculine for me.   I wanted it to be light and bright, sophisticated and feminine.  In other words, the complete opposite of the way it was.

It’s hard to tell in photographs, but this room is rather narrow.  The back of the space was a wall of white closet doors.  The challenge was to maximise both form and function.  So it was out with the dark wood, and in with the fresh white cabinetry and furniture.   





Fixing up and installing this pair of book-cases took a ton of work, and were the final hurdle to completing the space. They were butter yellow, but not anymore !  They have glass shelves and built in lighting so they were a complete steal – but I still had to refurbish and repaint them.  They help to maximise every inch of space from floor to ceiling and make the room appear a whole lot bigger than it is. 

Finding the bookcases was the motivation to overhaul this space from the very beginning but ironically they were the very last thing I finished!

Now the space has a fabulous conversation area ! This is where I love to have coffee in the morning with my hub or a glass of wine at night. Also a great place for any future clients!

I repainted the closet doors to provide a more interesting backdrop. The walls were all recovered in grasscloth wallpaper that I hung all by myself. Then I took some pictures from my garden this past summer, converted them to black and white, enlarged them and framed them to create an inexpensive backdrop in silver frames.

The sofa was a secondhand find – I took the skirt off by hand (a million staples…) and had it professionally cleaned.  The circular rug really completes the space with its dark contrast and blue swirl design.  The secondhand ottoman was also recovered. 

I also sanded, painted (with Rust-Oleum Heirloom White) and recovered this secondhand chair earlier this year and then finished it with some hand painted silver detail.  I made the pillow out of material that was lying around and finished it off with a dark brown button.

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