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Blending a Home Office into your Living Space

It has taken many years to achieve, but the global pandemic has changed how businesses view their employees setting up a home office.




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The global pandemic has brought about plenty of changes, not least of which is adjusting to our 'new normal.' But one change that has benefitted many is the fact that businesses are now seriously looking at setting up home office satellites where employees can work from home, either several days a week or full time.





This change in working circumstances is viewed by many as a beneficial arrangement to their employment situation, cutting out a daily commute and increasing productivity. However, not everyone sees the rosy side of working from home and especially those that don't have the space for a home office.








One of the most popular places to set up a home office is behind a sofa or couch but do make sure that the desk is not higher than the back of the sofa.



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In this article, we look at how you can incorporate a home office into a living space so that it blends perfectly with the surrounding decor and doesn't look out of place. And the secret... don't hide your home office out of sight but rather make it into a focal point in the room by using furniture and accessories that complement the existing room decor.





Sometimes, trying to disguise a home office makes it even more glaringly obvious.



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Setting up a home office in a living space, and particularly a living room is all about styling. Keep the furniture simple and not over-the-top and keep accessories to a minimum. The last thing you want is a home office in a corner of the room that is overflowing with papers, files and assorted stuff.







Too many people get excited about accessories in the home office and end up filling shelves with far too many items that offer zero functionality. If you are setting up your home office in the living room, or dining room, or bedroom, leave the accessories to the rest of the room. Keep in mind that clutter will only be distracting and adopting a minimalist attitude is the way to go.



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Regardless of the room where you decide to set up your home office, the space should be functional and aesthetically pleasing but still fall within guidelines of the room where it will be situated. Don't try to fit an uber-modern desk in a traditional setting, or go all-eclectic with furniture for your home office in a country home. Any furniture you need for the space needs to tie in with the style of the room being used.



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The furniture you select for your home office should mirror the style of that already in the room so as to appear to blend in rather than stick out.






Always make sure that no matter where you place your home office that you have access to plenty of natural light and good air circulation. Lack of either and you will soon be yawning at your desk. The best position for light is at the side of a window rather than in front of a window to prevent glare on your laptop or desktop. Also, make sure that where you place the desk will not interfere with the flow of the room.



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Treat your home office as part of the room decor and it becomes of feature and less an eyesore.










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