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Designing the Integrated Hybrid Workplace of the Future

Businesses need to consider all of the design considerations and create a hybrid environment that effectively meets employees’ needs, while allowing them to get the most value out of their time spent there.






 A hybrid office provides an ideal balance of collaboration and focus work. While in the office, teams have the facility and choice of different spaces for collaboration, while at home they also get to concentrate on projects. Businesses need to consider all of the design considerations and create a hybrid environment that effectively meets employees’ needs, while allowing them to get the most value out of their time spent there. “The future of work is here, and it is hybrid,” comments Conrad Burger, MD of X -Furniture.


As a supplier of office furniture, this company is the authorised dealer for Sunon, which is a china-based office and workspace provider with in excess of 30 years experience in workplace solutions. X-Furniture is not only able to offer quality imported office and workspace furniture but they also have a factory based in South Africa that manufactures the high-end products for our local office furniture market. This effectively means that the company has the flexibility to cater for a range of client requirements, all depending on budget, timeframe specific requirements.


With a fully mobile showroom that allows the space to be configured according to the client's requirments, X-Furniture provides customers with a unique experience for their range of office setups and layouts. “What is most important about our mobile showroom is that our staff can do on-site presentations and visual renderings of the full range of furniture and this allows each client to touch and feel every piece and determine how well these pieces fit into the workspace," says Burger.





“It is time to move away from designs for office furniture designs that have been on the market for too many years,” recommends Burger. Hybrid offices need spaces and furniture that look welcoming and make employees want to come to the office. Look for innovative arrangements that integrate furniture and technology. The goal is to tailor the furniture, technology, and features of the office to employee needs and the culture of the organisation.


A trend that X-Furniture is pioneering locally is the concept of the fully integrated hybrid office, where furniture such as seating doubles as storage space, hyper-adjustable desks, and the integration of the canteen and lounge spaces in many office buildings, even those that are only in use for a limited portion of the office hours. With so many employees being given the opportunity to set up satellite offices from home, the next step is to look at how these can be reconceptualised.





Key components of the well-integrated office


Open plan

We have come to realise that open plan office spaces encourage social interaction and foster team spirit and the frequent sharing of ideas has become a common occurence as discussions are held in these open areas rather than setting up formal meetings. When employees and teams work together, the ideal goal is to have everyone on board and up-to-speed as productively as possible.


Meeting areas

Meeting rooms play a crucial role in any firm. A fully equipped conferencing room can provide a great environment for top class discussion and learning. It is a common belief that meeting rooms need to be spacious as a comfortable environment breeds creativity.


Breakout spaces

Today's breakout space is a common area for employees to catch up on day-to-day topics, meeting and informal conversation. It is also a space where employees can have a snack or meet and greet or take time out during the day away from stressful situations.


Training areas

When ongoing training is an integral part of an organisation, the training room is an essential area where persons can gather and learn and the company is assured of growth for both the company and its employees.





X-Furniture believes that by integrating furniture with architectural and audio-visual technology, holistically designed spaced can dramatically impact any company's bottom line. For more information get in touch with Conrad Burger, Managing Director, on +27 82 559 6847 or email:





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