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Feng Shui for a home office

Working from home brings numerous benefits to one's lifestyle, and using feng shui as part of your decorating can help you make the best of it. Follow these basic feng shui guidelines to create a harmonious and successful feng shui office.


Designing your home office

Placement of objects in a particular area or quadrant of your office or desk can enhance the energy to various aspects of your life. To understand where the various quadrants of your desk are, consider where you sit as the front of the desk. For example, as you sit facing your desk, the wealth quadrant would be the upper left corner. Here’s a few cures for your office:

  • Get rid of clutter in your home or office. Eliminating clutter will begin to clear away certain problems in your life and make room for something new and desirable to enter.
  • The wealth quadrant or upper left corner is the most important part of your home office or desk. Place a crystal bowl or a healthy plant in this area to enrich this area of your business.
  • A red object such as red flowers placed in the upper left corner of your office or desk can bring financial success-placed in the back center portion of your office or desk can bring fame.
  • Place a medium-sized rug in the centre of your office. A deep blue, black, or other dark colour rug in the middle of the office is like a deep pool of water upon which to rest the eyes and reflect.
  • If you don’t have a view outside from where you sit, hang a plant or a picture of a plant in your line of view to bring the outdoors inside for a calming effect.
  • Never place anything blue in the fame quadrant or back centre portion of your office or desk – you will be drowning your fame.
  • It takes money to make money, so pay attention to the quality of things you put into your office. You should only have objects that are truly meaningful to you in your home office.
  • Though a complex science and art, many of the principles of feng shui are common sense and based on intuition. When incorporating these principles into your home office, aim for simplicity, think creatively, and trust your intuition. Imagine being drawn to your office because you feel comfortable and relaxed. This results in a flow of creative energy which leads to an increase in productivity which ultimately leads to success and prosperity.





Decorating your home office

When decorating your home office have an idea of the colours and mood you want your home office to reflect. Depending on your career you need to make your home office reflect the energy you want to project into the world.

Colour research shows that people are stimulated in specific ways by different colours. Feng shui uses colour as a means to promote the appropriate energy for a space. That's why it's important to pick a colour based on the tasks you will be performing.

Here are just a few of the colours associated with feng shui:

To invite passion and infuse vibrant energy use the following colours:
* Red * Orange * Purple * Pink * Strong Yellow

For a more relaxed and nurturing environment use the colours:
* Light Yellow * Beige * Taupe * Cream

For an atmosphere conducive to sharp thinking, clarify and precision, use the following colours:
* Grey * White * Silver * Pewter

Create a refreshing and calm space using the colours:
* Blue * Black

And finally, bring the energy of health, vitality, growth and prosperity to your home office with colours such as:
* Brown * Green

Feng shui has been practiced in China for over 3,000 years as a means of assuring an abundance of wealth and love in their lives. Feng shui experts believe that by creating harmony and balance in your physical environment you will attract good luck and prosperity in all areas of your life.

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