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Hollow core door makes a great home office desk

To create your own instant workspace anywhere, put a hollow-core door atop two adjustable trestles. Paint the door with Rust-Oleum spray gloss enamel, or cover with self-adhesive vinyl (both available at your local Builders Warehouse. The closer you can get the board cover to the exact size of your door, the better.



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If you need a craft or sewing table, a hollow-core door popped onto two side cabinets is the perfect solution.

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Use a circular saw, jigsaw or plain old handsaw to cut down the door to the desired length. As you cut you will see that the door itself is hollow. Fill any gaps with square pine battens that you will find in the timber section at your local Builders Warehouse.

Cut the batten to the correct length and then coat the top, bottom and edges with wood glue before placing in the void on the bottom (or top) edge of the hollow-core door.



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