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Stylish ideas for a home office

Not every home has space for a dedicated home office. But where space is limited it's time to put your creative thinking cap on to invent new ways to incorporate a working space.


This clever contraption features a door with a fold-down table for a work station that can be tucked away when the studying is done.

Carved into a kitchen, this desk faces a wall to limit distractions for mom catching up on Internet duties, and students trying to complete their assignments. Built-in cabinetry makes for ample book and supply storage.

This compact, folding work surface doubles as covered supply storage unit. Create a similar space with easy-to-install wall-mount desks.





If you're looking for a place to set up a work station for your hobbies, arts and crafts, or even small do-it-yourself projects, this foldaway workbench is ideal. It takes up very little wall space and the bench itself folds up for convenience, and no one will even know it's there!

Colourful Corner

You don't need more than some plywood and pine to make this wonderful corner home office.

Vintage Style

Shop around for vintage furniture that you can restore to create yourself an elegant home office anywhere in a home.


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