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Storage cabinet for home office or craft room

If you have a home office or craft room, you will already know how important it is to have plenty of storage for keeping these rooms neat and organised. This handy storage caddy won't cost a lot to make and will provide you with plenty of storage without taking up too much space.

All you need for this project is some 9mm thick pine boards for the boxes, 3mm masonite for the bases, 4 x 20mm thick pine that is 44mm wide and cut to 1 metre length, and your trusty power tools.

The boxes shown in this project are ready-made, but you won't find them easily. Make your own storage boxes by gluing together the sides with wood glue. Once dry, pop in and glue the base in place. A couple of panel pins on all sides will ensure the base won't come loose.





1. Use a tape measure and pencil to mark 50 mm in from each end at the front and back of each box.

2. Starting at the bottom, attach the rails to the boxes with wood glue and 25mm wood screws. Set your drill/driver at about halfway on the torque dial so as not to have too much turning power.

Slow down as the screw head reaches the surface or you might split the wood.

Not only useful for a home office or craft room, these storage boxes can be useful in other areas as well. Use for storage in a children's bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.



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