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Ways To Remove The Clutter In Your Home Office

This might be your home office but it should not have pieces in your home in it.


Working from home has many advantages. Firstly you do not have to head out at the crack of dawn and battle the traffic like thousands of others. Instead, you can wake up at a reasonable time, calmly have your coffee and only then do you have to delve into the work of the day.

There is, however, the problem of distractions. If your attention is already strained at your home office, then the last thing you need is clutter making work next to impossible. Here are ways to declutter your home office and therefore your mind.

One of these things do not belong

This might be your home office but it should not have pieces in your home in it. If you are finding it difficult to pick a starting point, then take a good look at the room and figure out what shouldn’t be there.

This could be anything form stuff that rightfully belongs in the kitchen, bedroom, or even garage. Once you have located the offending objects, take them to their proper homes.

Pack it up if you can

The desk is where the lion-share of your work will happen. This makes it a very important article of furniture and therefore it should not be inundated with piles of miscellaneous papers and general paraphernalia.

A good scan of your desk should produce quite a bit of stuff that can simply be packed away and stored in drawers. If it is not needed for your immediate work, it has no business being on the desk.

Paper is old-school

You can only put off digitizing your paperwork for so long. D-day has arrived. Now is the time for you to invest some time and energy into effective document management. If it’s possible to digitize, go ahead and do that.

If somehow you hold onto some mistrust of technology and prefer to keep hard copies, categorize this paperwork neatly and place them into files. Apart from creating a cleaner work environment, you will also now have a clear indication of what paperwork you have and where to find it.

Don’t take on the whole room at once

Properly cleaning and organizing a home office is quite the task. While it should be tackled head-on, it does not have to be done all at once. The latter of these techniques will simply leave you overwhelmed and more likely to give up halfway in.
It is for this reason that you should approach the project one bit at a time. Select a portion of the room that you want to work on and start there. Go through that section slowly and methodically. Only once you are satisfied with the nook, you can divert your attention elsewhere.

Clean while you organize

An organized room is not necessarily a clean one. It may look clean but could you wipe down the surface with a white glove? Probably not.

While you are sorting, storing and turfing, take some time to give the surfaces a proper cleaning. It may be a pain now, but it will be worth it when you look upon the shining masterpiece.

Don’t fall back into bad habits

You are going to be putting quite a bit of time and effort into this project. You wouldn’t be too happy if someone else came in and messed the whole room up. This means that you should be held to the same standards. Don’t let the office fall back into disrepair. Make a commitment to maintaining the order and cleanliness of the room.



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