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Spare room = Home office

It's so easy to turn an underused spare room into a multi-function space for use as a home office and spare bedroom.


If your spare room resembles a disaster zone, it's time to grab some cardboard boxes and put it to good use as a multi-function area. With a little planning, some basic tools, and supplies from your local Builders, you can turn an underused spare room into a home office | guest bedroom, or a home office | playroom, or even a home office | craft room. 

Whip up a desk for your new home office by buying a couple of pine trestles and a hollow-core door. All that's needed to finish your desk is to paint the trestles and door. Set out the trestles, pop the door on top and... voila - a new desk! You can save even more money by making your own trestles, like the ones we used for our Trestle Console Table.

An easy way to add practicality to a small office space - without taking up too much room - is to look at how you can use walls. An old picture frame is easily repurposed into a memo board using paint and a few supplies. Paint the frame in gloss black of white, use a staple gun to secure elastic to the back of the frame and then attach a backing board... easy!





Organisation is the key to any multi-function space. To be able to organise any space you need storage and shelving. Personalising a bookshelf with paint is easy, and you can even make the bookshelf a stand-out feature by painting inside the bookshelf with a bold colour - one that matches colours used in the room.

Keep your desk top neat and tidy with organisers. These can be repurposed jars or bottles, storage boxes wrapped with colourful patterned wrapping paper, or bought containers that coordinate with the colour scheme and your personal style.

And don't forget to bring in little touches, such as fresh, cut flowers. These not only add more colour to the room, they also freshen up the space and add tons of personality.

This home office also serves as a guest bedroom, and today you can buy a comfortable sofa bed that serves well when occasional guests stay over. Once again, choose furniture that complements the colour palette in the room - or work the colour scheme around furniture you already have.


If the room also needs to serve as a guest bedroom, make sure to leave room for storage. You can buy ready-made closets at your local Builders, or you can make your own custom built-ins.


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