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Modern home office ideas

Transform a small corner or space into a modern home office with the right furniture, accessories and paint colour.


There's one sure thing about working from home - you can design your office anyway you want to! There's no one to complain about the furniture you choose or the colours you decorate with.


No office required

Taking advantage of the available wall space, who needs an office when you can mount a few floating shelves and take a seat. This uncluttered office space blends perfectly with the white furniture and almost disappears into the background.

Open for business

Secondhand and auction furniture get a new lease on life when painted in a gloss black and teamed with a soft green. This high impact home office has just enough of a feminine touch to stay personal, but plenty that says it's business as usual.

Corner office

An unused corner quickly becomes a cosy home office. Some DIY savvy and you can easily knock up a desk top to fit in the space. Love the metallic silver drawer unit!

Bossy but feminine

Nothing adds more of a feminine touch than a touch of pink or magenta here and there. You may be the boss, but that doesn't mean that you can't decorate your home office in the style you choose.

Strictly Professional

Of course, if you believe that an office should look like one, then go to town and kit out your home office with the latest hi-tech furniture and fittings.

Professional but personal

On the other hand, you can be professional and still have personal touches here and there. Just like your home, a home office is a reflection of your individual personality and decorating in a style that you love will ultimately result in an office that you enjoy to work it.



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