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How to Find the Right Style for Your Office Chairs

The right office chair can greatly boost one’s productivity while also reducing the risk of injuries.




Every desk bound individual spends at least 8 hours a day in an office chair. However, this is just the average length of time but the truth is that many people sit on their office chairs for more than 40 hours per week. This is why it comes as no surprise that a lot of people are also suffering from back pain and are becoming obese or overweight due to a sedentary lifestyle. The right chair can greatly boost one’s productivity while also reducing the risk of injuries. But, how do you find the right style for an office chair? Read further to find out.



Speaking of injuries, ergonomics should be your first consideration when it comes to choosing the right office chair. Needless to say, your health should be a top priority. After all, a good-looking chair will not serve you well if it only makes you suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. If you’re wondering what the best recliner chairs should offer, see to it that they meet certain ergonomics that completely suit your level of comfort. An office recliner chair that offers multiple adjustability levels is more likely to give you an assurance that by making certain adjustments, you will feel comfortable sitting in it for eight hours or more. Moreover, for it to possess the perfect ergonomics, it has to provide the right lumbar support while keeping your arms and elbows comfortable on the armrests. In short, the right chair would be one that offers excellent lumbar and arm support, tilt tension range, height, and seat depth.


Possesses Flexibility

For some companies, an office chair does not just end in an office 365 days a year. Sometimes the chair will be brought to the conference room or outdoors for a brainstorming session. Therefore, your chair has to possess flexibility that poses no issues whenever you need it for activity-based spaces. When a chair is flexible, you will not have a hard time looking for working environments because you know that wherever you will be working, you would still feel comfortable for as long as you’re using the right chair. So, if you are looking to buy a chair for your office, do not forget as well to consider the varied tasks that this furniture will be used for. Group sessions, solo work, office parties, and formal meetings would need different seating arrangements. Thus, the chair you have should provide the right level of mobility and adjustability for it to be truly flexible.


High-Quality Materials

The right office chair should also possess high-quality materials. This will not only spare you from the hassle of buying another one too soon but it will also assure you of its durability. A chair made of high-quality materials will also reduce your chances of getting injured should it suddenly collapse due to some parts falling or breaking apart. Choose the one with materials that are also easy to maintain. These days, office chairs also need to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. So, keep this in mind when checking the materials of an office chair. Chairs made from leather and vinyl are easy to wipe clean. But, these materials may also trap heat and this could be an issue if you use the chair in an office that has no air-conditioner. Opt for one that is made of breathable material so you won’t have back pains caused by heat while being assured that the chair would last for long.



Enough Base Stability

Base stability is not just important for office people who are overweight and obese. You have to look into the base of the chair and see if it is durable enough to withstand too much movement and weight. The same is true regardless of whether you choose one that has wheels or none. Wheels are necessary if you are looking to frequently move it from one area to another. Check its casters and note that metals may provide more durability than those made of plastics. Metal caster wheels are easy to move when you have a carpeted office floor. Nylon bases also last longer than plastics. But, bases made of aluminum tend to be stronger and provide a modern look. If you want to opt for the most durable then look for a chair that has steel bases but be prepared to pay more.

Having the right style for your office chair will not only make your office look good in terms of aesthetics. It can also do wonders in improving employee morale. Remember that the right style of office chair is also a reflection of a company image that you want to project to everyone. Luckily, you have a plethora of office chairs to choose from especially if you shop online. Just don’t forget to take the above-mentioned factors into consideration.



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