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Create an Elegant Home Office

Creating an elegant home office shouldn't have to cost a fortune when there are plenty of affordable solutions to dress up the space.


If you need a small space to set up a home office there are plenty of options to consider. You could even look at turning an alcove or unused corner into a comfortable yet elegant home office.





Plan The Space

If you are making use of a space that is already in the home, look at how you can easily transform this into a workable home office. Think of the space as a blank canvas to make it easier to have a vision of what it needs to function as a home office and what would need to be added.

Adding a wall of storage shelves is an inexpensive and easy DIY way of adding plenty of storage to a small area and give the space a sense of height. Plus, with storage shelves you will have enough space for files, books, accessories, and even to showcase some of your favourite items. With shelves you have the option of building your own floating shelves with Pine or SupaWood or buying ready-made shelves at your local Builders Warehouse. Obviously making your own shelves will save you money and leave plenty over for splurging on a new desk or comfortable chair.



Incorporate Colour and Pattern

Every room needs a splash of colour and pattern and it's so easy to bring these into your home office. Look at what office accessories you need to buy for your home office and try to find items in a single colour or pattern that would look wonderful out on display.

Wallpaper, artwork or wall stickers are great for adding a special touch to your new home office, and you can choose one that works best for you.

Coordinate Design Elements

When decorating the space as a home office, keep in mind the colours and design style that you have selected, and add pieces that complement the look. For Example: In this clever home office the designer selected gold and white as the main colour palette, and then added pattern with stripes and polka dots.



Make Yourself Comfortable

A comfortable chair is a 'must-have' for any home office and you will need to find a chair that perfectly fits in with the space. A mobile chair is ideal, as it allows you to move out of sight when not in use. Look at scale and proportion as well, you don't want a chair that is too big, or that doesn't blend in with the overall design.

Be Organised

Every home office need plenty of storage, and if you are mounting shelves onto a wall, these provide the ideal solution for a wide range of office supplies and accessories. You will be able to keep items you use on a daily basis on lower shelves, and store less-used items on the top shelves.

If you have plenty of storage it will be easy to keep your home office neat and tidy. Make it a habit to put things away when you are done using them, to prevent a build up of clutter on your desk and shelves.


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